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Terms & Conditions

China Travel Agency Online is celebrating her 10th birthday! We are giving out great discounts and gifts of up to $980 per person on a range of tours on our websites.

Discounted Products
Inquiry Between
Sep.27th - Dec.31st
Comfirmed Between
Sep.27th - Dec.31st
Travel Between
Sep.27th - Dec.31st
Maximum Discount
Multi-destination Private Tour Packages 5% off A further 2% off A further 3% off 10% off
City Tours (over $500 per person) Gifts for special occasions One free airport/train station transfer One free add-on(less than $25) listed on our website. Free transfer + free add-on
Group Tours / Gifts for special occasions / /
Yangtze River Cruises Discount on the website Gifts for special occasions One free airport/train station transfer Discount + free transfer+gifts
Hotels & Flights Discount on hotels /   Hotel discounts

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Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. CHT 10 Year Online Anniversary discount offer is open to anyone who makes an inquiry between September 27th and December 31st. Clients can maximize their benefit by making an inquiry immediately and traveling between September 27th to December 31st to celebrate with China Travel Agency. For example, if you send us an inquiry for a 20-day China tour with a price of $5000 today, and start your tour before December 31st, you will get a 10% discount of $500.
  2. 2. The discounted prices, free transfers and add-ons offer is available for our Multi-destination Packages, City Tours and Yangtze Cruises. Day trips, hotels and flights are not included.
  3. Multi-destination packages are those packages that cover at least two cities. You can find a full list on the China Travel Agency website. Click here.
  4. City tours are those tours that cover one city only. You can find a full list on the China Travel Agency website. Click here.
  5. Yangtze Cruises refers to single cruise bookings only. The popular Victoria Cruise and President Cruises are on promotion. Besides the discount price listed, one free airport/train station transfer is also offered to those who travel between September 27th and December 31st.
  6. Free add-ons are only available to clients booking our City Tours over $500, and traveling before December 31st.
  7. Gifts are offered for special occasions, like your anniversary, honey moon or birthday. 

  8. If you have received several different promotions offers from China Travel Agency, only one promotion offer at a time can be used at a time. Promotions cannot be combined.
  9. China Travel Agency reserves the right to make the final decision on the discount amount. The promotion can be cancelled at any time.


How to Use and Get the Discount?

  • Click on the tour that you want to book, and find the calculation form on the page. Just click “Yes or No”, and you get the discounted price.

  • Enter your travel information into our tailor-made form. Our travel advisor will customize a tour for you based on the discounted price.

  • If you already have your own travel plan, please send it to us. Your personal travel advisor will respond to you within 24 hours with our discount price.

  • To skip all the steps you can just give us an easy phone call. Your travel advisor will answer your questions online.  Call us at:
    - 800-2682918 (Toll Free in USA)
    - (Toll Free in China)
    - 86-773-2831999 (for all countries).


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