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Learn Chinese

Chinese Characters  Chinese is different than a lot of other languages in that there are no alphabets, only words. Each word has its distinct pronunciation and meaning. To start, the student can first learn to recognize some simple numbers and characters, graduating to pronunciation and writing of these same numbers and characters. The serious student can then advance to reading and writing sentences, then paragraphs. Tapes, videos and tutoring will help a lot.

Learning a new language is difficult and requires patience and effort.

China Highlights has prepared this special report to help you get started. Follow our instructions step by step. The results will be quite rewarding and well worth your efforts.

Chinese Pinyin

Pinyin is equivalent to the pronunciation of an English word. Chinese words are written as characters and pronounced by pinyin. The pave have two tables to show you the Chinese pinyin system. more Chinese Pinyin

Tone plays a very important role in the meaning of the characters. Different tones in pinyin will lead to different character and meaning of each Chinese word. more Tone of Pinyin


Useful Chinese Phrase Book

Some useful words and sentences people usually to use in their trip, that can be pronounced by the phonetic English. more Chinese Phrasebook

  • Listen to the Chinese Phrase Book in MP3 Format
  • Download the Chinese Phrase Book


Chinese Lesson

We have prepared an extensive collection of most frequently used daily expressions and sentences to help you. You will be able to simply communicate with Chinese as long as you remeber all of them. more Chinese Lesson

  • Lesson 01: Greeting
    It is helpful to know some simple Chinese words and sentences when you meet Chinese people. They will be very happy when seeing a foreigner can speak some Chinese.



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