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China Guidebook

First time to China
Traveling to China for the first time? Find out all you need to know at China Holidays page。
This guidebook focuses on every major aspect of traveling in China. We aim to provide important, up-to-date information for travelers to help them to get the most out of their China experience. Read it online or print it out to bring along with you.


Table of Contents - China Guidebook

  1. Safety and Security:
    Tells you how to stay safe while traveling in China. Vital advice about risks are provided for your reference.
  2. China Travel Insurance
    We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover all the possible overseas medical costs and other mishaps.
  3. China Visa
    Information on entry requirements and China visa issues.
  4. Keeping Healthy in China
    The different climate, physical activity, cultural differences and strange food may make you feel tired and uncomfortable when traveling in a foreign country. Read our tips on how to keep healthy and enjoy a comfortable trip.
  5. Chinese Packing
    Suggestions on what to pack.
  6. China Tour Guide
    General information about English speaking tour guides in China and how to find your guide at airport.
  7. China Money and Currency
    You will probably have questions with the use of your credit card, ATM's, or how to convert your money. The strange foreign currency may also be very confusing. Let's help you to get rid of these worries.
  8. Luggage Allowance
    Luggage allowance regulations for airlines are provided here.
  9. Keeping in Touch
    You may want to stay in touch with your family, friends while being away. Follow our guide on how you can stay connected while in China.
  10. Shopping in China
    What to buy and where to buy your favorite items.
  11. China Travel Tips
    How to express your appreciation for the good service you have received? Do you have to tip? Find out here.
  12. Chinese Food & Dining
    Do you want to venture out from the tourist areas to eat where the locals eat? We have prepared menus in Chinese and English that will give you freedom to escape the hotels or the tourist beat.
  13. China Hotel Facility
    What can you expect from a hotel in different regions across China?
  14. Getting Around in China
    Be informed about China's standard transportation conditions. Find out how to take a taxi and the procedure for taking train in China.
  15. China Photograph
    Be aware of the sensitive objects you may not allowed to take pictures of.
  16. Chinese Etiquette
    Guide on does and don'ts when traveling in China.
  17. Chinese Dictionary
    We have prepared an extensive list of words and phrases that may be useful to you as a traveler in China.
  18. China Travel Tools
    China tours, China flights, China hotels, China train search, Yangtze Cruise....

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