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Mid-Autumn Festival in China

Mid Autumn Festival

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China Travel Tools

China Travel Guidebook

GuidebookWe have prepared a handbook for travelers to China to show the instructions for travel.

downloadDownload PDF / Exe

Chinese Phrase Book

Phrase BookThis Chinese Phrase Book was made for traveler to China which gives the basic language guidance and daily Chinese.

downloadDownload PDF / DOC / Mp3

Travel Checklist

Travel ChecklistWhat to bring with you while travel to China? Take a look at our China Travel Checklist which could give you the guidance.

Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceTo be on the safe side, we affiliated with some of the best online travel insurance companies selling insurances for your China vacation.

China Weather ForecastBefore decide when to take a tour, it is worth checking carefully the weather conditions of each city on the itinerary. Check out local weather for major Chinese cities.

China Train Search

China Train SearchChina Travel Agency is now providing online train schedule search service for those who are planning their train trip through China.

Currency ConverterDon't know what's the currency to exchange your money to Renminbi? Check our prepared Currency Converter. Read Details...

Time DifferenceCheck out what is the time in China now, and find out the Time Difference / Time Zone in China.

Dailing / Zip CodeFind the dialing number as well as zip code for mailing for different Chinese cities.

Visa Application Need a Visa to China? China Travel Agency now offer Visa Application Service for you if you have trouble with it.

Phone Rentals China Travel Agency offers cell phone rental services while you are in China to save your money and help you better connecting each other.

FCO- Know before you go CampaignWe partnered with the British FCO to keep travellers safe overseas. Klick for the latest travel advice and information.


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