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China Tour Testimonials

Hello Sunny Ross and I would like to commend China Travel Agency on our very enjoyable vacation to China. In particular we would like to comment on the organisation and efficiency with which the vacation tour was organised and executed. We were very impressed with the calibre of the tour guide personnel who met, greeted and accompanied us on our organised visits to the various cities and areas in our tour. They were all very knowledgeable about the regions that they covered and went out of their way to express that as far as they were concerned their area was a beautiful part of China. In particular we would like to commend Xin, our guide in Xi'an, for her personality and friendliness towards us. Her manner was delightful which made our time in her company extremely enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble for her and we formed a relationship that was enjoyable, friendly and allowed us all to gain maximum benefit from our time in the Xi'an area. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to our friends, ...more

Dear Sunny,
We are very satisfy about our tour organised by Chinatours around your country, we have been able to discover how interesting and different is depending on the territories, cities, villages,… In general we are not complaint about guide/driver service but we would like to explain you that for us were very uncomfortable to fill in your surveys almost always with their presence. I would suggest you that it would be much better to give it night before departure inside one envelop and give it back closed at morning. To feel free, they mustn’t ever open it, we think that they should give it to you still closed or open it only when we already were far away.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Jaume Miranda-Rius
Note: Thank you very much for your T-shirts

Dear Karen.
I write you after many days because I was traveling in the interior of my province, in rural sites, beautifull but very poors. Well, I`m now working again in Oaxaca City and I want to tell you THANK YOU, VERY, VERY MUCH, because the travel that you arrange for my family was excelent and we have a lot of experiences to compart with our friends, Thanks again. Also, we saw the Olimpic Games with admiration for the impresionant organization and technology of your country. China is really a great potency. Congratulations! Maybe we return to China to visit Hong Kong and Tibet in the next years.
Hugs for you.

Dear Eva
Apologies that we have taken a few days to respond but we have been a bit busy. Firstly It was great to meet you and put a face to the person we had been dealing with. It added even more to the personal touch. Secondly our holiday in Guilin and Xian continued to the high standard set by the start in Hangzhou and Huangshan. Travel arrangements , guides and hotels were all excellent. Thank you for all your organisation. Highlights would have to be Yellow Mountain Longshan Terracotta Army Chinese people Impossible to pick between them In huangshan Jessica was great guide on the yellow mountain and in Huangshan.Ling Ling amused and entertained us with her tales in hangzhou and Sally was very informative and thoughtful in Xian. Mark probably edged it - but we did spend more time with him. He was good in every respect -knowledgable ,attentive,flexible -particularly ensuring we were happy with arrangements. Yes. There was a difference but that was clear from the booking i.e. the hotels at Huangshan ...more

Hello Karen,
please see my answers in your mail. Overall I have to say that this was a great trip. There is nothing I would complain about. I think your company is doing a very good job in satisfying your customers. Keep this up. The River Li Cruise in Guilin. As an engineer I was impressed by the three gorges dam project. That was definitely Lily in Guilin. Her English is very good, she is very knowlegable about the places visited and she knows when to leave you to take up the impressions on your own. On top of that she is just good company. I had a lot of fun and a lot to laugh with her. Also very good was David on the Victoria Anna. He is a very good entertainer. Really good were his presentations and discussions on the three gorges project.
Best Regards

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