The Great China Wall: introduction about the Great Wall in China.
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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall Facts:

Chinese Pinyin: cháng chéng
Location: North of China
Length: 6,400 km
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The Great Wall of China was built mainly to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. It was first built in the 7th century B.C. when China was still divided into many small states. The construction of the Great wall had never ceased for nearly all the Chinese fuadal dynasties.

the Great Wall of China extends 4,000 miles westward: from the China Sea town of Shanhaiguan to Gansu province.

The majestic Great Wall was built with wisdom, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. It has been estimated that somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 million Chinese died as part of the centuries-long project of building the wall.

Nearly everyone has heard of the huge stone wall known as the Great Wall of China. As one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, The Great Wall is not just a wall, but a symbol of bravery and wisdom of Chinese people.

He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man.- Chairman Mao

Great Wall Section

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall are characterized by many watchtowers on overlapping mountain ranges. The wall, built with slabs of stone, is crenellated on both sides with bricks.

Badaling Great Wall is the best-preserved section of the Great Wall. 370 foreign leaders and very important persons have come to climb Badaling successively.

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Great Wall History

Mutianyu Great WallIt's generally believed that China began to build the Great Wall during the Spring and Autumn Periods when the country was in a great chaos, with rival states fighting for territory and power.

Wall of Qin, Wall of Han, Wall of Ming

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Great Wall Culture

Mutianyu Great WallThe majestic Great Wall was built with wisdom, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Many legends and myths exist regarding the building of this wall.

The Legend of Meng Jiang Nü
"Metal Soup" Great Wall

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