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I want to let you know my trip to Xi'an was wonderful. Xin is an incredible guide and my visit could not have been better. I had very high goals for seeing so much of Xi'an, and they were all met. In particular, the 2nd day of my visit was one of the best days of my life and Xin was big part of making it so. We started the day by walking in the park to find Tai Chi, and we came upon a Tai Chi master who gave us some lessons (I have some very funny pictures from that!). Then we were off to the terracotta warriors. Xin's explanation of the Qin dynasty and Qin society really helped me appreciate what we were seeing. We spent a long time in the exhibits and Xin was able to answer my many many questions. Next, Xin had arranged for a cooking demonstration and lesson with a local family to cook and eat my favorite dumplings. We had a fantastic time trying to make perfect dumplings and the family was very nice and open to my trying to learn. Next we were off to the Xi'an city wall and we rode bicycles ...more

Hi Leon,
We enjoyed our short trip with China Travel Agency very much. The Huang Shan was truly awe inspiring, seeing it both with clouds wreathed around the rocky pinnacles and on a clear morning. The gardens in Suzhou were also magical, both sights you can see nowhere else. Both our tour guides were excellent, being very helpful with all our requirements. Both guides made sure we got on the trains all right, even though departure times were late in the evening. The visits to the silk factory and the ink factory in Huang Shan City were very interesting side trips. The hotels were fine. Perhaps one drawback was that Western food was not available at some due to being out of the season. It can be difficult for Western visitors to eat Chinese style food all the time. We will certainly recommend your company to other people intending to visit China. On the trip we took to Huang Shan, it was very important that we didn't take heavy bags up the mountain, when there was a reasonable walk with many steps ...more

Thank you very much again for organising the tour - we had a great experience and will certainly recommend you to our friends! Kind regards, Ekki The most memorable attraction clearly was the Great Wall. We very much enjoyed the walking tour to really experience the Wall, not just go to one place and take some pictures. We were actually a bit disappointed by the Terracotta army - after having seen so many pictures and specimen in Europe, the real thing gave the impression of a pile of rubble. I don't understand why we are told that all warriors were painted before, but nobody took the effort to take 5 warriors from the factory and paint them in original color. I know this comment is decadent, but that's our honest feedback. JingXin Cen (our guide in Guilin) was clearly the most outstanding guide. She cared so much for us, spending much more time than we could have reasonably expected, to make our trip an unforgettable experience. We felt like visiting a friend rather than being accompanied by ...more

Leon, Thanks for arranging a great trip. All of the tour guides were great. I could not really select one that was better than another. They all were very flexible with plans. They really did many extra things for us. The attractions were all quite spectacular. The guides were very knowledgable. My favorite site was hiking on the Great Wall. The area around Guilin was also special. The hotels were great as they were located to sights that we could walk to. Again, I could not say that one hotel was better than another. We did enjoy eating at the local restaurants as arranged by our guides. The foods were sometimes unusual, but still tasty. The most unusual was the "snake wine" provided on the Li River cruise. I would strongly recommend your company to anyone planning a trip to China. Please feel free to provide my name to people interested in China travel. The preferred contact would be by email.
Thanks again
Craig Herther

Dear Mrs. Sunny Xie,
I would like to thank you for the great help your agency gave us to bring us home as quickly as possible.? We arrived in Brussels yesterday evening at 9pm (local time). The funeral ceremonies take place on friday, so we have? time to see the other members of the family and make preparations for friday. We are of course in grief that we have to leave China. We had a wonderfull first week in your country. The program, accomodations, guides: it was all very correct and very good organised. My husband and myself appreciaded very much the help of Norman in Kunming. He was so nice and attentive. It was a great confort in those moments of distress.
Thank you very much!!
Greetings, Marina.

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