China Airline: Introduction about each Airlines in China.


China Airlines

Airplane is the most convenient and fastest means of transportation, though it is also the most expensive. Air travel can cover a long journey in less time, saving precious time and energy for you to enjoy the attractions in your destination.

Since 1978, China airlines have witnessed a dramatic improvement every year. By the end of 2003, a total of 1,176 domestic and international airlines were operated in China. According to a landmark pact signed between China and the USA on June 18, 2004, the number of weekly flights between the two countries will increase nearly five times from the current limit of 54 weekly round trip flights to 249 within six years. The hub of China air travel is based in Beijing, with Beijing being the base for international travel. Search Live China Flights Schedule

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Major China Airlines:

Air ChinaAir China: based in Beijing and mainly serve international routes as well as a few domestic routes. It is the only airlines that fly China's national flag on every aircraft and provide special planes for state leaders. Air China Airline

China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern Airlines: is an air carrier company that operates primarily from Shanghai's Hong Qiao Airport and Pudong Airport. The primary focus of the Company's business is the provision of domestic, Hong Kong regional and international passenger airline services. China Eastern Airlines

Southern AirlinesChina Southern Airlines: in Guangzhou with international air routes to Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe. China Southern Airlines

Southwest AirlinesChina Southwest Airlines: based in Chengdu and dominates most of the domestic routes to Tibet. China Southwest Airlines

Northwest AirlinesChina Northwest Airlines: A radius air net has been formed, which is concentrated in Xi'an and Lanzhou, based at Zhuhai and Nanjing. To enhance the business scale, recently the company has opened many international lines of charter flights to Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok and so on. China Northwest Airlines

Northern AirlinesChina Northern Airlines: based in Shenyang and dominate the Northeast China. China Northern Airlines

China Airlines List: