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Hunan Discovery Tour

picture of Hunan Discovery Tour

    Hunan - the birth place of Chairman Mao may be little known by many people but it is waiting to be explored and appreciated. Off the beaten track but none the less beautiful and interesting, come see the hidden culture, charm and history.To My Highlights

Tour Code: HUN-1
Destination:   Changsha → Shaoshan → Zhangjiajie → Fenghuang
Tour Price: $1390 USD   Price Details
Our Promises: Unbeatable Value for Money!
Departure Dates: You Choose!
Tour Type: Land tour + well selected hotel + Private Guided with your own English speaking guide (otherwise specified), your own driver at your own pace and schedule.

Day by Day Itinerary: - top -

Day 1

Place & Transport: Arrive in Changsha, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Changsha)

Day 2

Place & Transport: Changsha
Today's Activities: Juzi Island, The Loving Youth Pavilion (Aiwanting), Mawangdui
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Juzi Island: It is a small island of the Xiang River.Look from afar,it looks like a green navel vessel, sailing in the center of Changsha. The island is a famous in-river land in China, also the world's longest inland river island. Well known for its product-orange, it was named Orange Island.
- The Loving Youth Pavilion (Aiwanting): It was built in 1792 during the Qing Dynasty. The beauty of this spot, with its blossoming peach trees, graceful willows, and flowing streams has attracted many poets and artists.
- Mawangdui : It was confirmed that the three ancient tombs belong to the family of Duke Dai from the early Western Han Dynasty. Three tombs were all in excellent condition when they were unearthed during 1972 and 1974. The tomb contains more than three thousand pieces of cultural relics, including silk books, silk paintings,other silk made articles, as well as bamboo slips used for writing before paper was invented, lacquerware,etc.

Day 3

Place & Transport: Changsha to Shaoshan to Changsha to Zhangjiajie, China Southern Airlines CZ3984 Dep 6:30PM - Arr 7:20PM
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Changsha), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Zhangjiajie), Dishuidong Cave/Water-dripping Cave, The Memorial Hall, Huaminglou Building
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Dishuidong Cave/Water-dripping Cave: About 3 km northwest of the village, it is a very popular destination, possibly because of the fact that former leader-Mao spent 11 days here in the early days of the Cultural Revolution Years (1966-76), contemplating the unknown. Combining the spirit of nature and civilization of man, this scenic spot attracts tourists from home and abroad.
- The Memorial Hall: Built and opened to the public in 1964,it has 13 rooms, with a combined floor space of 2,000 square meters. The exhibits there include 100 pieces of Mao Zedong's manuscripts and 72 items of Mao's personal belongings.
- Huaminglou Building: Huaminglou is famous for it's the hometown of Liu shaoqi-one of the great leader in Chinese revolution, His former residence is surrounded by lots of trees, and there are more than 30 wood rooms in the courtyard. Apart from the living room, there is also reading room for children to study. 500 meters from Liu shaoqi's former residence, there is a Memorial Museum in honor of him, in the museum there are more than 800 cultural relics and materials, including some of Liu shaoqi's books and daily things.

Day 4

Place & Transport: Zhangjiajie
Today's Activities: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huangshzhai Cable Car, Jinbian Brook, Huangshi Fort
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

- Zhangjiajie National Forest Park : Located in the northwest of Wulingyuan. It covers an area of 11880 acres with 97% forest coverage.Concentrating beauty, primitivity, quiet as a whole, with peculiar stones and brooks, this park is the labyrinth of nature and origin edition of Chinese painting. The forest park has 98 wood plant families which include 517 species. Half of the gymnosperm species can be found in the forest park.
- Huangshzhai Cable Car: It lies to the west of Zhangjiajie Forest Park with an altitude of 1200m and covers an area of 250mu.You can take a cable car to Huangshizhai where you will appreciate the daunting rock columns.From the top, enjoy spectacular views of the forest with rough landscape.
- Jinbian Brook: Located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it covers a distance of 7.5 km from north to south, winding across mountains and valleys. The brook is limpid through the year, with many scenic spots along the way. It is famous for Jinbian Cave-which has a height of 382km and looks like a huge flying eagle.
- Huangshi Fort: 1080m above the sea level and covering an area of 16.5 hectares, Huangshi Fort was named after a hermit called Mr. Huangshi. It is a mesa higher on the north side elevated by stiff cliffs. Huangshi Fort has the most of marvelous view of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park including Treasure Box of Heavenly Books, Magic Sea-suppressing Needle, South Pillar of Heaven, Golden Tortoise Watching the Sea etc. It is the best platform to view the beautiful scenes of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. As the saying says that he who dose not reach Huangshi Fort would be regarded as having never been to Zhangjiajie.

Day 5

Place & Transport: Zhangjiajie
Today's Activities: Tianzi Mountain
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Tianzi Mountain: Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is a mesa in the northwest of Wulingyuan. Up on the mesa, the field of vision is widely opened up and it is a perfect location to have a panoramic view of the nature reserve. Tianzi Mountain has four scenic wonders, namely Cloud Billows, Moon Brightness, Sun Glow and Winter Snow. The cloud billows are ever changing, morning and evening sun glows vast sky, moon shines in the still night, winter snow falls enchanting the scenery, like a lyric, like a landscape painting. Here in the Tianzi Mountain, scene majestic is in all its variety. There are five main scenic zones and over ten scenic spots in the Tianzi Mountain area.

Day 6

Place & Transport: Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang
Today's Activities: , Mengdong River Scenic Spot
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Mengdong River Scenic Spot: Mengdong River Scenic Spot is within the confines of Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan. It is reputed as "the back garden"of Zhangjiajie.

Day 7

Place & Transport: Fenghuang
Today's Activities: Ancient Fenghuang City
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Ancient Fenghuang City: The ancient city is at the western border of Hunan and by the riverside of beautiful Tuo River. Fenghuang, a place that shares the name with the holy bird in ancient times. It is ancient, quiet, and secluded. It is an ancient city drenched in incalculable legends.

Day 8

Place & Transport: Fenghuang to Zhangjiajie to Departure City, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Zhangjiajie)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


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Featured Hotels for this tour: - top -

City Superior Class Deluxe Class Tourist Class
Changsha Dolton Hotel Changsha Gold Source Hotel Xiangjiang Hotel
Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie International Hotel Zhangjiajie International Hotel Zhangjiajie Pipaxi Hotel
Fenghuang Phoenix Grand Hotel Phoenix Grand Hotel Phoenix Grand Hotel


Tour Price: - top -

Tour ClassYour Group Size 1 person 2-5 persons 6-9 persons Single room supplement
Superior Class 2506 1440 1003 255
Deluxe Class* 2468* * 1421 979 236
Tourist Class 2406 1390 930 205

Our Promises: Unbeatable Value for Money!


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Price Inclusions:

  • Entrance Fees:
    To scenic spots as listed in the itinerary.
  • Meals:
    All meals as specified in the itinerary.
    If the restaurant indicated is not available on the day, your guide will arrange another restaurant from our list of approved restaurants. Breakfast is usually a western style buffet. We endeavor to ensure that a choice of western and Chinese breakfasts is supplied, however there may be occasions when only a Chinese breakfast is available in some remote locations.
  • Private Transfers:
    Transfers between airports, hotels and scenic spots while sightseeing in Changsha, Shaoshan, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang by private air conditioned vehicle with a driver and English-speaking guide (as listed above).
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  • Guide:
    As outlined in the itinerary an English-speaking guide and driver will be provided in each city, who will remain with you throughout your time in that city. A new guide and a new driver will meet you at each city on your tour, to provide you with the best local knowledge available.
  • Hotels:
    Hotel fees are based on two people sharing one room with twin beds.
    All hotels as listed in the above itinerary serve daily western or Chinese breakfast. All rooms are air-conditioned with private facilities unless specified.
  • Transportation:
    Changsha To Zhangjiajie Transfer via: Flight, CZ3984 (Our arrangements)
  • Airport Tax and Fuel Fee
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes:
  • Luggage Transfers:
    Between airports and hotels.
  • Arrangements:
    The tour cost includes planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

Price Exclusions:

  • Personal Expenses:
    Expenses of a purely personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone calls, optional activities, sightseeing or meals which are not included in the tour itinerary.
  • Meals:
    Any meals which are not specified in the tour itinerary.
  • Single Room Supplement.

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