Cellular Phone Rentals: Rent a Phone when in China


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China Cellular Phone Rentals

Cellular Phone

Why Rent a phone when in China?

  • Your US cell phone either does not work in China or has extremely high roaming charges;
  • Guaranteed low rental and airtime rates;
  • Know your phone number before departure;
  • Keep in touch with family and business 24/7;
  • Easy pick-up and drop-off at any location in China;
  • Last minute order not a problem.

    How to Rent a Phone?

    1. Choose Delivery Option
      Receive phone before departure for China
      Pick up phone upon arrival at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
    2. Choose Return Option
      Drop off phone at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
      Mail phone to Pandaphone's US address upon return
    3. Place Your Order: Order Online or By Fax (Enter coupon code CHT will get 15% discount on rental fee.)
    4. Stay Connected throughout Your Trip

    aRent a Cell Phone

    This is one of our most popular products. A China cell phone from PandaPhone allows you to be connected easily & affordably.

    $ 65 $ 80

    The Nokia & Motorola package:

    • 1. 14 days rental cost for cell phone + SIM card
    • 2. Bonus FREE 60 minutes international calls to U.S. & Canada
    • 3. Round trip shipping handling in China

    Any additional day rental $1 for Nokia, $2 for Motorola
    Additional airtime rates: $0.24/min for domestic & incoming, $0.52/min for International calls to U.S. & Canada

    bBlackBerry Service

    If access to the E-mail and Internet is your main concern, a BlackBerry is fantastic product for you.

    + = $ 109

    The $109 package:

    1. 7days rental cost for BlackBerry8707G + Motorola V3 + SIM Card
    2. Bonus FREE 30 minutes international calls to U.S. & Canada (Cell Phone) + 1MB data usage
    3. Round trip shipping handling in China

    Any additional day rental: $5/day

    Additional data rate: $0.02/KB

    cChina(HK) SIM Card Service

    ONE SIM CARD FOR ONE CHINA. With your tri- or quad-band cell phone and our SIM card, you enjoy local airtime rates, unbeatable smooth communication.

    $ 29

    The $29 package:

    1. China SIM card + $8 airtime credit
    2. FREE delivery in China
    3. Convenience recharge service

    Additional $10 for China(HK) dual SIM card

    Please refer regular phone airtime rates for additional usage

    PandaPhone is committed to our customers. If you have any question, please contact customer care staff at 1-866-574-2050 (from the U.S) or 400-820-0293 (from China), Please tell us your coupon code is CHT.

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