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China Tour Testimonials

Dear Grace,
We all had an absolutely wonderful time with Doris at Yellow Mountain.Please thank her again on our behalf.I will send to you a two pictures taken during our trip in another email. After our time with Doris we flew to Beijing and then joined another tour organised by an Australian company.This tour was also good although both Steve and I commented on how wonderful it was to experience a tour which was totally Chinese as we did with your company. Our Australian tour was with 4 Australian families and hence, much more western. Whilst our tour guide for this second trip was Chinese she did not know nearly as much about the Chinese culture, language and history as Doris did. Our two sons, Nicholas and Peter, along with myself, really enjoyed learning Mandarin from Doris - she taught us to count to 5 which was a considerabel achievement given we had no idea how to use our toungue to make the sounds. Finally - I am sorry we both were not fully well. I had collected an upset stomach the first ...more

Dear Mr FU Jean,
Dear Jean FU Thanks for your e-mail , the most memorable attraction we visited is the River -li Cruise,Our guide is very competent , he take us many interesting explanations. We go into only one hotel , one regret no buffet lunch every day .  we recommend your compagny to our friens or collegues . We live in China for two years, each region is different, not hesitate to go in shops or restaurants chinese to get the maximun from the culture of the people chinese.
Thanks Best Regards Mr FOCH Pascal

Dear Candy,
There were so many! from the historical point of view I would say the Great Wall, the Forbidden city and the Terracotta Warriors. From a technical point of view (I am an electrical engineer) the Three Gorges Hydroelectric complex. All the guides were professional and knowlegeable, but if we have to pin point one, that would be Nancy. I would say that we became friends in such a short period of time. All hotels were excellent and well located. The meals were also very good, except in the Holiday Inn hotel of Chongqing, on which I commented in my previous e-mail.Definitely. And even more we would like to return to China and specifically to Beijing. As I told you in my previous e-mail, you need to finetune the departure from Xian. It is too early you cannot have breakfast and we were arriving at the cruise ship very early. Leaving late from Xi'an, around 12noon would solve the 'problem'. The not to be missed attraction would be the 'Opera show' in Xi'an. Very ...more

Dear Karen,
We had a nice time in China, especially at Guilin and we are very glad that you were very professional. All program at Guilin was perfect. You can easy to add winery cellars. Vivian at Guilin is Very professional and pleasant.5 stars are much better than 4 stars. In Beijing and Shanghai the hotels were better than in Guilin, but the last one was also convenient, except meals.
Best Regards Vladimir

  • Booking code: 80922-Y80407043
  • Client's information: Vladimir, Russian Federation
  • Tour Starting Date: September 20, 2008
  • Tour Itinerary: 4 Day Delightful Guilin Tour

Dear Elaine,
I would like to thank you, your staff and the guides of China Travel Agency for making our vacation in China so enjoyable. We had a fabulous time in China. Everything went wonderful. Our flights, hotels, guides and attractions were first class. Our guides were absolutely wonderful. Allen in Beijing was a wonderful introduction to Beijing. He made us feel very welcome and was very knowledgeable. Rainy in Xian was determined to make our stay special. Jenny in Guilin was very entertaining and hospitable. Anna in Hong Kong was very friendly and helpful to us. These guides really made our trip special. We felt that they were very service-oriented and were working hard to make our trip special. All the hotels were excellent. We especially like their locations. We really appreciated the Sofitel in Xian making a room upgrade available to us. That was a real treat. I will absolutely recommend China Travel Agency to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for a wonderful trip.
David Kristjansen ...more

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