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Testimonials from Sweden

Dear Michael,
I have been rather busy the last few weeks, and the same goes for you I presume... We enjoyed very much your arrangements and we were more than pleased with the guide (Sandra) that you had selected. We found her very knowledgeable and professional and we had some very memorable days together with her. Should we ever go back to Beijing we would absolutely want to have her as our guide again - she did a very, very good job. And we had the possibility not only to get information about the various sights but as well comments on the daily life in China. We are not able to right a way say which of the visits was the most memorable one. The visits to the various places were what we had asked for and gave us a very good view of some of the most interesting sights in Beijing. We were also very much impressed by the beauty of the city with a lot of trees and flowers. You must know that this trip was decided with a very short notice because of the invitation to Guangzhou for the name giving of two ...more

  • Booking code: 80707-U80628013
  • Client's information: Bertil Ingvar, Sweden
  • Tour Starting Date: July 7, 2008
  • Tour Itinerary: 4 Days Guangzhou, Beijing Tour

Dear Michael,
We have now left The Miao Land and before that Guilin. The trip to those parts of China has been a wonderful experience for us. The week at Guilin was to a good part spent together with Cherry Wan and it was a great success, especially due to her capability as a tour guide. She gave us a extraordinarily good insight into many things; the places we saw, the people we met, the food we ate etc. She is a wonderful girl and we felt we had a very good contact with her as a person. But above all she acted as an excellent ambassador for China. She is very knowledgeable and can also communicate with her tourists. As you can understand we are pleased with her job in helping us to study Guilin and its surroundings, but also to give us information on today's China in general. We wish her all success for the future. The week in The Miao Land was also a great success, and here it was again due to an excellent tour guide, Richard Wu. He helped us around for almost a full week. His ...more

Dear Sunny,
First of all, we want to thank you for spending so much time with us for showing us in such great detail the lovely city of Beijing during our recent visit. Your unique knowledge of China's history and your gentle and polite manners certainly made the difference during the well organized tour organized by China Travel Agency. We will certainly recommend the company and your name to all our friends and colleagues visiting China in the future. With our best personal regards.

Dear Sunny,
The tour guide Lily was very pleasant paid attention to our wishes. The personal chemistry between my wife and Lily worked very well. Lilly was a very warm person and a pleasant tour guide whom I can recommend to any person as a tour guide. Best regards! My wife and I thank you very much for an excellent-guided tour in Beijing and its surroundings. You were pleasant and always looked happy to assist us in our wishes and also showed good skills and knowledge of the Chinese history. We wish you all the best and a happy future in your life. Best kind regards.

Dear Sunny,
Our tour guide was the nicest and friendliest. We were so pleased with having such a charming, polite and patient guide. It was very clear that our guide took her work seriously and gave me and my two children a great experience here in Beijing. Kiwi was flexible and gave us just the information we wanted, needed and just as important. Kiwi did not give us too much of information she also let us (gave us time to) experience the atmosphere when visiting the different sights. Kim was great.

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