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Testimonials from Spain

Dear Sunny,
We are very satisfy about our tour organised by Chinatours around your country, we have been able to discover how interesting and different is depending on the territories, cities, villages,… In general we are not complaint about guide/driver service but we would like to explain you that for us were very uncomfortable to fill in your surveys almost always with their presence. I would suggest you that it would be much better to give it night before departure inside one envelop and give it back closed at morning. To feel free, they mustn’t ever open it, we think that they should give it to you still closed or open it only when we already were far away.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Jaume Miranda-Rius
Note: Thank you very much for your T-shirts

Dear Karen:
Here I send you all the answers to your questions, and our feelings about the China tour.

The shights we enjoyed the best are The Great Wall and Terracota Warriors. Both of them are so impressive and magnificent. We also liked a lot all the temples we could see, as the Temple of Heaven.

The tour was as good as we'd expected. We enjoyed a lot in all the cities and counties we visited. The four tour guides were so professional, polite and all of them were so kindly, but we have to recognize that we had a very good time with Xin. She is a funny girl, and so lovely.

During our time in China, we stayed in five hotels, and all of them were so comfortable. The best one was in Yangshuo. About the meals, We enjoyed a lot trying new dishes and flavours. The Dumpling Banquet was incredible, and the sweet and sour sauce was the best one I've ever tried.....with chiken, pork, beef, fish....

This travel has been very special for us, not only because it was our honeymoon, ...more

1. What was the best thing about your trip?

We spent a great time in China. It was our 5th trip in the country and we enjoy it more and more. Visiting the relics was the best thing.

2. What was the worst thing?

The food at the places you organize for lunch is UNEDIBLE, not even worth stopping at the restaurants. At 90% of those places we left untouched. In Jiayuguan and Dunhuang your guides could barely speak English, just repeating the basic explanations like tape recorders. They were unable to answer the most basic questions. The guide we had on the second day, although very kind and with a great attitude, had never visited the sights we were going to (she told us it was her first day on the job). She was sent to accompany us to the airport to facilitate our boarding process and she had never been to an airport and had no idea what a boarding pass was. Everything organized by your Dunhuang office was a disaster. The guide in Jiayuguan ...more

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