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Testimonials from Poland

Dear Ms. Eva,
We have safely returned home. The trip had been excellent organized and very interesting. Your guides were all very reliable and nice. Big compliments for professionalism and attitude.
Thank you !
Best regards
Miroslaw Stec

Dear Candy ,
I like the best Guilin and Li river cruise and biking after river cruise . And of course Forbiden City and Summer palace and tarassed fields. All my guides were very good and it is hard to choose . If I have to do it I will say thay mabey Clair in Guilin and Eleven in Beijing because I've spent with them much more time than with other guides All holets and meal were great. I like the best hotel in Shanghai.I 've already done it. I 'v recomended your company to two of my friends.Mabey if it is posiblle more time in Summer Place- having posibility to claimb to the Pagoda in Summer Palace . In Shanghai I think children palace is not interesting and you can aad more places to see than I had.

Dear Ryan,
I would like to personally thank you for the organization of our trip to China. The trip was very well organized. I really appreciate your help and efficiency with all the adjustments you had to make during our travel. I was very impressed with China and loved the beauty of the country.

I would love to come back to China with my friends and family. Krystyna, of course was a great asset to have, but your guides were extremely helpful.I have the great memories.

Best regards
Zofia Rek

Marek Kowalkiewicz's Answer to Our Post-tour Survey:
1. Overall, did you enjoy your trip?
Yes. Very much. It was fascinating to be able to learn so many aspects of Chinese culture, architecture, nature, and daily life.

2. Were the tour arrangements satisfactory?
Yes. I am happy that the travel plan was very dense, yet not too tiring. I am also happy with the speed and quality of responses to unplanned situation (our boat arrived late and CHT was very quick to rearrange our travel, including plane tickets).

3. Was the tour what you expected, and if not, how did it differ from your expectations?
I did not expect that the trip will be so beautiful.

4. What was the best thing about your tour?
Great, very friendly tour guides (esp. Natasha from Guilin!), beutiful nature, sceneries.

5. Is there anything else that we should have done, before or during your tour?
No, I think everything was just ok.

6. How would you describe your trip to China and ...more

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