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Testimonials from Oman

Rifai Saleem's Answers' to Some of Our Post-tour Survey:

1. Overall, did you enjoy your trip?
Yes indeed. We enjoyed every moment of it.

2. Were the arrangements satisfactory?
Satisfactory is an understatement. The arrangement mades were exceptionally good. Not one bit to complaint!

3. Was it what you expected, and if not, how did it differ from your expectations?
Well, we were touring for 9 days and actually expected something might fall short or might go wrong, but thanks to Eva and her coordination everything was like clock-work.

4. Were any problems resolved quickly and easily?
We had very little or no problems. Once I remeber the bell boy at Hotel Redwall made a fuss about safekeeping our luggage, but the guide "judy" intervened and sorted out the problem efficiently.

5. What was the best thing about your tour?
The day we spent climbing upto the great wall was magical! and the peking duck was very delicious!

6. How would you ...more

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