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Testimonials from Norway

Hello Elaine!

Thank you for a wonderful time in Beijing. It was a really nice week full of experience and we all enjoyed our visit in China.

The most memorable attraction was to visit and walk on the Great Wall at Mutianyu. That was great. We also enjoyed visiting the Temple of Heaven, and it was very interesting to walk around there and watch all the people and their activities on a Saturday morning. The Forbidden City was beautiful, so was the Summer Palace. You can be proud of all your attractions.

Mr. Sam was an excellent tour guide. He had lots of knowledge of your attractions, he was very service mind and flexible. He was also very friendly and helpful. The driver was also a very service mind and friendly man.

We just live in one hotel during our visit, Wangfujing Grand Hotel. That was a very nice hotel with lots of facilities for all the family members. The service was very good, and the room vas also ...more

Hallo again, Elaine.
There is now a few weeks since we came back from our trip to China, and we have needed some time to absorbe the things we have seen, the people we met and what we learned about the culture of China. Under in red, we have answered your questions as good as we could.

Thank you again for your help booking our trip; you made it really great: We have already spoken warm about China Higlights to all our friends and family.
The best thing about this was to have a guide on our own the whole week, that have given us the oppertunity to learn about China from the inside.

Best regards!!
Hanne Furu

Dear Elaine,
Thank you very much for arranging another memorable visit to China for Martin and me. We really enjoyed the trip! I promised William (our guide in Hong Kong) to return the evaluation form to you online as I thought I had packed it in my suitcase, but unfortunately I have must have mislaid it in our hotel room.

That being said, we missed Macao’s main attraction – the casinos – as Martin is under age. The most memorable attractions are obviously The Great Wall (which I also visited last year) and the terracotta warriors in Xian. The size of the pits and the number of figures really impressed me. One thing is to read about thousands of figures, but seeing them.

In addition the Shanghai Acrobatics stand out. They are incredible! All our guides were very good, and it is difficult to choose one as the best. Our Beijing guide (unfortunately I can not recall her name right now) probably had the best factual knowledge, while Jasmine (in Xian) had a very ...more

Dear Karen
As you indicate everybody was very satisfied with the trip and the arrangements. We all think you, the drivers and guides did an excellent job and gave us the best service. China is a fantastic country, and I think you can look forward to receive a lot of visitors in the years to come.

The guides were all excellent. un Wei in Beijing and Angela in Sanye are very personal and present in their guiding.

Finally I would again like to thank you all for your contribution to a very good trip.

Hi Elaine

It was an unorgettable trip!!!! Thank you! Almost everything worked out as expected. The information from you before the trip was very very good and detailed. The guides were waiting us everywhere. The hotels was mostly very good standard. The location of the hotels were excellent. We had safe drivers.

We enjoyed Tibet and Lhasa most, but all the other placed where worth a visit. An other good thing about the trip was that we where free to make changes in the program during our stay. cruice at Li Jiang, Teracotta Army in Xian. it is preferable to have a tibetan guide in Tibet. We recommend our guide Phuntok strongly.

Thank you again for good service

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