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Testimonials from Myanmar

Dear Ms. Eva,
Sorry for the late reply. I am a little busy with my work. Now I'm sending this mail from my daughter's email account. I really enjoy the stay in china. It's very relaxing like I have been out of my daily boring work as I'm busy all day long. I like all the things I have met and saw in china especially the visit to the great wall and the walk through the forbidden city in beijing and the walk through the yu-yuan garden in the shanghi. I think it would be better if you could manage to assist the elderly with something for the visits like the walk through the garden. I suppose this would be impossible as the places are the ancient precious ones. As for the most outstanding tour guide, I, my mom, and my grandmom liked the tour guide on the walk through the forbidden city, I think his name is David. As for the hotels, We want to know why the hotel had been changed to red-world hotel instead of the one that had been suggested in the iternary. The breakfast there is really a bad one. Every ...more

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