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Testimonials from Mexican

Dear Karen.
I write you after many days because I was traveling in the interior of my province, in rural sites, beautifull but very poors. Well, I`m now working again in Oaxaca City and I want to tell you THANK YOU, VERY, VERY MUCH, because the travel that you arrange for my family was excelent and we have a lot of experiences to compart with our friends, Thanks again. Also, we saw the Olimpic Games with admiration for the impresionant organization and technology of your country. China is really a great potency. Congratulations! Maybe we return to China to visit Hong Kong and Tibet in the next years.
Hugs for you.

Dear Elaine:
I am back in Mexico and i really had a wonderful trip my answer to your questions:
1.-The must beautiful place i visited was terracota warriors
2.-The best guide was Foster from Guilin he is very friendly, the worst was Jefry from Shangai, he was unfriendly and unkind, eventhoug he has good english and knows a lot.
3.-The best hotel was Sofitel Shangai but the others were also good
4.- Of corse i would recomend you.
5.-I think the Mosque at Xian deserve a visit
6.-Yes i would speak with another costumers
Thank you very much for planing so a nice trip, you did the best with my short time. Sincerily Patricia

Dear Candy:
Hello again! The recovery, after more than 24 hours of traveling to get home a week ago, has no ended yet. We are very happy about our trip to China, with a lot of good memories, and images printed in our souls. We are very pleased with your services. It was great meeting you in Guilin, and we are grateful for the gifts you gave us, that have a special place at home. You will find attached to this email the picture Lilly took from the terrace in your building. The most memorable attraction was the rice terraces in Longji; an extra tour suggested by our guide in Guilin for the previous ours to our flight to Chongquing. It was simply breathtaking! The most outstanding guide was Lilly, in Guilin. As I put it in the evaluation form, she was like a guardian angel to us. Always aware of our needs, constantly suggesting additional options, permanently taking care ...more

Dear Sunny,
Your website is very professional and full of all the information that we needed. Your customer service is excellent. From the beginning when we started planning our trip, we received prompt and helpful advice from Sunny Xie. She helped us plan a trip that turned out to be amazing. While we were in China, everything went exactly as planned. Our guides were well prepared and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The arrangement is well done. We had comfortable vans and excellent hotels.

Dear Eva,

Thanks again for your incredible help for our family taylor made tour to China. Everything works as planned. It was just excellent. I didn't find anything to claim about the service. I would like to confess since this was the first time that I choose Chinatours and I knew about you through internet, I was very worried about what is going to happen in China. If any future customer reads my testimonial, and is now deciding if arrange or not a trip with Chinatours, I strongly encourage to choose them without any doubt instead of a local agency in your country (the price surely will be more expensive outside China).

The best thing: The patience and good care you had, specially during the planning stage of my trip. So many questions I did and so many immediate, clear, and friendly answers I always receive.

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