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Testimonials from Lebanon

Dear China Travel Agency Team,
Ni hao I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company China Travel Agency, to thank our advisor tours Angela and Candy and to thank our tour guides Vicky “Xu Yan”, Vivaldi “Mr.Gu Jia Zhou” “,Claire “Wei Mei Ping” and Eric “Yang Fan” for the Wonderful trip tour you have provided to us, my mother and to myself during our first visit to China! You were so helpful and we enjoyed everything you planned for us to see and do during our stay in China and most of all we have enjoyed the tour guides company. We have learnt a lot from you about China and I am happy getting back to my country speaking some Chinese wording with my colleagues ,friends and Family!!! It was a lovely trip and I really look forward to plan other tours with China Travel Agency in the future to see the other highlights from China ! 
Again, thank you ”XieXie” for everything and please don't hesitate to use me as a reference if I ...more

Dearest Angela,

I would like to thank you sincerely for a lifetime tour in China with China Travel Agency. I loved every location I visited in the carefully chosen itinerary made by your company, and despite the extensive grounds we covered in a short period of time, I know there is so much more to your beautiful country. Your guides were all superb in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shaghai. All four guides were friendly, well-informed, and highly organized.

They helped me to feel at home even though I was all alone and millions of miles away from home. A special thank you to Nancy, Chian, Ivy, and , who accompanied me on all tours in China. (Grateful if you can cc them on this e-mail) Guilin was the most beautiful city on my tour. The trip down Li River was breathtaking. I honestly felt I was taking a trip to heaven! And the pictures I took look like something in a fairy tale book.

I loved my hotel bedroom by the riverside in Guilin. I have ...more

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