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Testimonials from Italy

Good morning Elaine,
We were amazed by the Ling Yin temple in Hangzhou.My daughters liked a lot Iris(tour guide in Hangzhou) they have the same age,my wife was interested by Jimy because of the big historical knowledge,I preferred Lio because he showed us the nowdays china. Yes we are satified of hotels and meals,up to us the best hotel was in suzhou and the best restaurant was the second one in suzhou in the tea house. we were not satisfied by the tea factory,we saw just the enter,the presentation of tea and the shop,it would be more interesting to visit some part of production.
Kind Regards,
Ernesto Zanfrini

Dear Karen and Ethel,
Thank you very much for all. The hotel (DAYS INN BEIJING) was very good and the other services too. I'm very happy to have choose Chinatours for booking the hotel and my tours to Xian, Datong and Chengde. All has been perfect and on time. I hope to return to China and visit other cities and if so, I will come back to Chinatours. I will talk well about Chinatours in my travel forum .
Thank you very much for your interest and for having organized us the travel as we liked it. All has been perfect and we are very happy. We have not finished our travel story. You can find it at this link on my travel forum: but is not finished (I hope to finish within the week). In future we will add the photogalleries ...more

Ciao dear Leon,
I would like to THANK YOU all, for your professional and simply perfect organization... Everything was perfect in our tour! Many many greetings by Milan to you and all our travel guide girls, you've been great!!! What about the earthquake of last Sunday? I've heard about another aftershock!! My God, it's terrible! Hope it will soon stop! All the best, take care!!

Dear Eva
China tripYesterday we finished our wonderful tour in China, and we came back this evening (really late indeed). I just wanted you to thank for your good organisation, help and assistance, we felt just like being home and I want you to know this... Chinatours is really a good organisation, and I will suggest your name to everybody I know is interested to travel in China, I will also try to get you in touch with a friend of mine working in a travel agency (she's in holiday now, but I will contact her when she will return home).. who knows maybe you could do some good business... Here you will find a detailed list about our impressions about the cities.

Cars and Drivers
: really good drivers, and comfortable cars, we asked to the driver in beijing to make extra work for the evenings

China tripGuides: the ...more

Dear Angela,
We really enjoyed our stay in China. We were most impressed with the knowledge, courtesy and personal rapport of your guides (in particular Nancy in Beijing). We also were most impressed with the drivers in all places (they pay special attention to safety and help of the travellers).

The best thing of our trip was the planning and execution of the entire tour by your able and courteous staff. You are so professional that we did not face any problems at any time during the tour in logistics, timing, visiting places, explanations, commuting, airport pick up, drop etc. It was like a well oiled machine!

Manjeri Krishna

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