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Testimonials from Holland

Dear Mr. Chi,

Last Friday, October 5th, we returned home in Holland.

After a very good flight from Guilin to Xi'an, we joined our group again, and the continuation of our tour through China was unforgettable.

My husband recovered completely, and we were so impressed to see the hihglights of the tour like the Terracotta Army, the Wall, the Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City, Shanghai-and the beautifu Museum there, but also the tempkles, the gardens, the palaces. It all made a great impression on us!

The reason we write this mail to you, is to thank you again for the exceptional way you looked after us when we were stranded in Guilin due to my husband's illness. Without you we would have been lost-mainly due to the fact that we donot speak Chinese. So, Mr.Chi-thank you very much for the very kind way in which you assisted us!

We wish you all the very best, and send you our kindest regards,


Gerry and Juliette van Es(VNC Travel Tour)

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