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Testimonials from Germany

Thank you very much again for organising the tour - we had a great experience and will certainly recommend you to our friends! Kind regards, Ekki The most memorable attraction clearly was the Great Wall. We very much enjoyed the walking tour to really experience the Wall, not just go to one place and take some pictures. We were actually a bit disappointed by the Terracotta army - after having seen so many pictures and specimen in Europe, the real thing gave the impression of a pile of rubble. I don't understand why we are told that all warriors were painted before, but nobody took the effort to take 5 warriors from the factory and paint them in original color. I know this comment is decadent, but that's our honest feedback. JingXin Cen (our guide in Guilin) was clearly the most outstanding guide. She cared so much for us, spending much more time than we could have reasonably expected, to make our trip an unforgettable experience. We felt like visiting a friend rather than being accompanied by ...more

Hello Karen,
please see my answers in your mail. Overall I have to say that this was a great trip. There is nothing I would complain about. I think your company is doing a very good job in satisfying your customers. Keep this up. The River Li Cruise in Guilin. As an engineer I was impressed by the three gorges dam project. That was definitely Lily in Guilin. Her English is very good, she is very knowlegable about the places visited and she knows when to leave you to take up the impressions on your own. On top of that she is just good company. I had a lot of fun and a lot to laugh with her. Also very good was David on the Victoria Anna. He is a very good entertainer. Really good were his presentations and discussions on the three gorges project.
Best Regards

Dear Candy,
How are you? I send you the picture and the following testimonial, which you may want to put on your homepage.Thanks for everything you did.

Dear Candy, we just came back and the first thing we've had to do, was to thank you for the wonderful time we've spend in China. We are very sad that we had to leave already. We traveled so many countries so far, including some Asian countries as well, but this experience topped it all. Every stay was unique and overwhelming. The hotels in Xian and Guilin were very nice and the service personal more than welcoming. Our guides made us feel safe and we had not to worry about anything. Their knowledge seemed infinite since they had an answer to every single question. The drivers were driving so safe, that even we had to ask them to drive a little faster. The sights you selected were all very ...more

Dear Karen,
First I would like to thank you for all your hard work with planning and booking our China-Tour.Everything went very well during our journey including all internal flights. This is actually hard to decide as we liked a lot of our trip. We think the forbidden city and the great wallwere the most impressive once.All of our tour guides were good in their own ways, but the most outstanding one was Nancy in Beijing.First of all Nancy has a great knowledge of all attractions in Beijing and it was very interesting listen to her.She was always very helpful and very friendly during our stay. She even managed to get my husband 2 tailored suitsFrom one of the state silk company we visited during our stay in-time for our departure. She was the only one whotaught us Chinese words and sentences. We would also like to mentioned Oskar in Guilin for doing a great bicycleTour with us and being unbelievable friendly and jolly. All hotels were great except the Guilin Waterfall Hotel. The breakfast in Guilin ...more

Dear Jean,
I'm back in the U.S. now, and every part of my trip in Asia was successful. The China portion was very well organized and overseen by you. I especially want to thank you for your quick, efficient finding us an alternate way to get to Kathmandu from Beijing in the wake of the earthquake in Sichuan. That all worked out very well, but we are still very saddened to hear about the terrible loss of life from the earthquake. I still want to go to Tibet sometime soon, and I will approach you when it is time to book it.

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