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Testimonials from France

Dear Mr FU Jean,
Dear Jean FU Thanks for your e-mail , the most memorable attraction we visited is the River -li Cruise,Our guide is very competent , he take us many interesting explanations. We go into only one hotel , one regret no buffet lunch every day .  we recommend your compagny to our friens or collegues . We live in China for two years, each region is different, not hesitate to go in shops or restaurants chinese to get the maximun from the culture of the people chinese.
Thanks Best Regards Mr FOCH Pascal

Dear Sunny,
The Yangtse River Cruise was the unforgettable attraction of our trip. In Guilin, HE LE as 'Renaud ' was very friendly, competent, I think he make our Guilin stay a very lasting souvenir. I would say that WU Wei as 'Sabine' was very appreciate by the group in Shanghai. Except the Lu Shan Hotel in shenzhen, all the hotels were comfortable and meet 4 stars standard. The Lu shan hotel has old rooms, it was incredible to hear all nights the noise of the streets, or the neighbor room. In USA, the Lu Shan Hotel rooms would be rated 2-3 stars. Of course we recommend your company to my friends or colleagues We had very greats moments in china and very appreciate the perfect way we had in our trip.
Emile Shan Ching

Hi, Elaine,
Definitely the Terracotta warriors is the best sight. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time and it was a dream to go there. I was not disappointed. It was like stepping into history for a moment, being part of something grand and at the same time something mysterious, knowing that all this is just a little part of what is still out there. I walked around pit1 several times and kept on looking at the warriors over and over again. It was hypnotizing.
My guide was Sheryl and she was very nice. Obviously she knew her stuff and was able to answer any questions. Speaking with her and asking her questions, I could easily figure out that she had gone beyond just learning the stuff from her company but had done additional research and looked for more information. But most importantly, she was also interested in the people coming to her tour. She asked the right questions to figure out their likes and dislikes and was able to incorporate elements to the tour, ...more

Dear Karen

Everything went fine for my son and his friends! no hassle and a lot of good memories to take back about their Great Wall hiking, the Forbiden City and kao ya!
Thank you for your kind and professional help;
Best regards,

Dear Eva
I just wanted to tell you, we (my daughter and myself), appreciated the service provided by you and Rebecca with the Driver. We really enjoyed the terraces field visit and some other visits customized by Rebecca when returning to Guilin. Li river cruise was very nice too.

With my best regards

D. Huerre

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