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Testimonials from Denmark

Dear Candy,
Sorry for my late reply, but I've been crazy busy at work since I got back and have not had the time to respond to any of my e-mails! Both Kristoffer and I had a truly amazing time in China! Thank you so much for a well organized trip, and wonderful memories for a life time. However, we really enjoyed the Great Wall and the hiking trip by Li river in Guilin, that was definitely a hit. 2. Linda in Beijing, no doubt about it. She was outstanding in every possible way. Her personality, knowledge, english skills.. Just everything. 3. Most of the meals we had where all up to standard. Also, in regards to the hotels. The only hotel we did not enjoy so much, was the one in Yangshuo, due to mold in the bathroom (mushroom growing out of the shower) the breakfast only Chinese, except for some toasted bread.5. In regards to Guilin/Yangshuo I would say that it's definitely worth it to do the hiking instead of the ferry ride, as you pass through local villages and meet ...more

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