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Testimonials from Colombia

Dear Morgen,
Thank you for your message. Hope you liked the t-shirt that my wife got for you. It's a souvenir from Chicago, where we live. Hope we can have you here some day, it's a great city and most likely you would enjoy it. Thank you as well for the photograph you sent with Foster. Thank you very much for all your work in putting together our trip to China. We had a fantastic time! I would like to highlight who in our opinion were the best tour guides during our trip; Jack in Hong Kong, April in Xi'an and Foster in Guilin. Special thanks to them, they went "above and beyond" to make sure that we had a great experience. We hope this was the first of many trips to China. Going forward and I'll be more than happy to recommend your services to our friends. Thank you once again and best regards.
Carlos A Ortega


I want to thank you all the good services I got when I visited China. Your guides treated me very well, and I felt so happy. I also liked the places I visited.

Best regards


  • Booking code: 80308-Y80227047
  • Client's information: Enrique, Colombia
  • Tour Starting Date: March 8, 2008
  • Tour Itinerary: 7 Days Beijing, Xian Tour

Dear Karen,

First of all thanks a lot for your great help in our trip to China. We have a great and wonderful trip in China. Following is what impressed me most.

Most memorable attractions:This is a really hard question because we consider all attractions memorable. Probably we consider The Temple of Heaven an amazing attraction.

The guide and driver service in Beijing: Our guide (Eleven) is an special person who made our trip really easy and comfortable. Collaborative, friendly and with a good knowledge about your culture. Our driver is a good professional and all the time was careful and friendly.

Recommendation of our services: Some of my friend are planning to visit China and I will contact them with your services.

The main recommendation to everybody is to have a guide because the communication with locals is difficult for the lack of English. Additionally I would ...more

Ms. Lina Maria Restrepo Fonseca's answers to some of the questions on our Post-tour survey:

Hi Cheryl,

1. What was the best thing about your trip?
Guilin was the perfect place for our family and specially it's our own private tour, it's at our own pace and time. We dictate what time to start moving and what time to end the day. The show in Yangshou "IMPRESSION" is a MUST-MUST to watch, cause you cannot find it in any other places in the world!

2. How could China Travel Agency Travel have assisted you more?
We have been very contented with the services China Travel Agency and recommend other tourists to use this travel agency.

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