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Testimonials from Chile

Dear Eva,
Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time in Beijing and we enjoyed some delicious mooncakes on this day!! Definitely Cindy from Xian. She always knew everything (stories, history, shows, etc.) We learned a gret deal with her. Was wonderful to have her as our private tour guide. Excelent work! I could not just pick one: Summer Palace, Great Wall and Terracota soldiers were some of my favorites. Try to walk around the cities as much as you can. Every corner in China is wonderful and different. Being able to see how people really lives is an unvaluable experience. Altough having a tour guide who will take you to the principal spots, you′ll still have time on your own. Use it wisely. The subway is easy and not so crowded as everybody say. I hope I have another chance to comeback to amazing China soon enough.

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