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Testimonials from Canada

Dear Karen,
The Terracotta Warriors site was the most amazing. Xian was overall a bit of a disappointment but the Warriors attraction made the flight there worthwhile. The size and scope of this project and reason for it's being is bizarre and like nothing we've ever heard of. They were all wonderful. We had 5 different guides on our trip and what really impressed us was how much they enjoy their work. They were all enthusiastic, helpful, and fun young people with very good English skills. We enjoyed their company and learned so much from them about China. My favourite was Jack in Beijing, and my husband's favourite was Snow in Hangzhou. Jack was interested in us, our country, and our reaction to China and the sites we visited. I appreciated his conversation and extra effort to make our tour of Beijing memorable. His recommendations for our evenings were good and he facilitated everything smoothly. Snow was sweet, calm and organized on a very hot, busy weekend in Hangzhou. My husband says she was ...more

Hello Eva,
I just got home yesterday after a most joyous 31 day cruise. We began in Hong Kong which was simply fabulous and stayed in the Salisbury Y (great value, location and amenities - highly recommend this hotel) and then all aboard HAL's Statendam where we cruised to ports in China, Korea, Japan, Russia and Alaska before reaching home. China Travel Agency certainly was a positive part of our epic adventure and hearing about the history and modern and recent developments in Shanghai, Xian and Beijing added to our wonderment of China's growth and progress. Thank you for your help in arranging our itinerary and I will make a definite recommendation for you and your company on .

Dear Alex
Yvonne and I are now back at home in Canada. We would first like to say how sorry we were to here about the earthquake and our prayers are with you all. The reason that we are writing this letter is in regards to our trip to Guilin and the service your company provided us while we were visiting. It was excellent, far beyond our expectations. We would like to Thank China Travel Agency for making our trip unforgettable.
Most of all we would like to Thank Vivian, who did an excellent job. We have travelled to many places and we have never had a BETTER guide than Vivian, ( our driver also did a great job).
We will recommend your company, and Vivian to all our friends and family in Canada. Please make sure that Vivian gets this e-mail, we want her to know how much we appreciated her hard work. Our next trip to China will be in 2010 and we look forward to dealing with China Travel Agency again. We miss you Vivian and look forward to seeing you again.
Thank-you and Best Regards

we had a wonderful time and were very happy with China Travel Agency and would definitely recommend your company to our friends. I was so sorry to hear about the earthquake which occurred as we were leaving the Beijing airport for home. I hope your friends and family were not affected and I feel for those who were.

Dear Elaine,
I think we liked Guilin the most, but there is nothing that stands out. The Great Wall was wonderful, but everything was unique in its own way, so everything we saw was great! Each tour guide had their unique personalities, and we enjoyed each one for who they were. Herb and Lemon were the easiest to understand as their English was so good. Cherry's English is good, but we found it quite difficult to understand her as her accent is strong, and her voice is softer, so we could not hear her in the van very well. I think sometimes people stopped trying to hear, because it was too much work. Wallace is working on his English, but was easy to understand. There wasn't a question we asked, that Herb couldn't answer, and we had lots of them, as he was our first guide. He planned everything so well, and made smooth adjustments. We maybe could have spent a little more time at the Great Wall, but I don't know if that was feasible for him. Lemon knew everything there was to know about Shanghai, ...more

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