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Testimonials from Belgium

Dear Mrs. Sunny Xie,
I would like to thank you for the great help your agency gave us to bring us home as quickly as possible.? We arrived in Brussels yesterday evening at 9pm (local time). The funeral ceremonies take place on friday, so we have? time to see the other members of the family and make preparations for friday. We are of course in grief that we have to leave China. We had a wonderfull first week in your country. The program, accomodations, guides: it was all very correct and very good organised. My husband and myself appreciaded very much the help of Norman in Kunming. He was so nice and attentive. It was a great confort in those moments of distress.
Thank you very much!!
Greetings, Marina.

Dear Karen,

Tour guides: I think that all the guides were particularly considerate and attentive. There are many examples! The guide in Lijiang ( although a young man ) reminded me of the high altitude and the necessity of sunscreen to protect from sunburn. The guide in Dali had heard that I did not want to be in the sun and on the boat trip on Lake Erhai, positioned chairs in the shade. Claire sand two beautiful songs! All guides were attentive that I had bottled water. They all took into consideration my wishes and were flexible. They all gave the feeling of wanting to share what they knew about their country and culture. Not at all the parroting information that you can get from some guides who recite what they have learned by heart! Of all the guides, Lisa in Dali was the most knowledgeable.House Lee in Lijiang was very knowledgeable and very good company. Claire in Guilin and Yangshou was quite young but has lots of potential, as does Mary in Shanghai. I was VERY ...more

Dear Eva,
 First of all thanks for this beautiful trip in China for my wife, daughter, her boyfriend and myself. Answers to your questions:

Sights: Visiting Lhasa was the most memorable attraction, but the cruise in the evening on the lake in Guilin was also perfect
Guides: Lois in Guilin was real outstanding. His attitude to inform about everything, not only culture but also the way of live, He was very attend for everything. Safety, food, drinks.

Hotels and meals: All the hotels were very good. The Hyatt in Beijing was perfect;

We will definitely recommend your company to friends or colleagues.


Dear Eva,
Thanks a lot for organising our tour. We really had a splendid holiday and we really liked China.

China travel, China tourSissy, our guide in Guilin and Yangshuo was very enthousiastic and very flexible. She offered us a lot of opportunities to visit, but left the choice to us. She was very listening and reserved. Hu, our guide in Beijing was also extremely helpful and patient. He helped us a lot with our luggage troubles. Our guide in Hong-Kong was also outstanding. He gave us a lot of interesting information, especially about the differences between Hong-Kong and the mainland of China.

All hotels were decent to excellent. The best hotel was the Holiday inn in Wuhan. We really liked the Chinese meals. The best place to eat was the Sichuan Style restaurant in Beijing. (near the Hutong area).

The meals on the cruise were also outstanding. We would surely recommend it to our friends. The ...more

When we prepared our journey in the provinces of YUNNAN, GHUIZOU and GUANGXI, we tried to have contacts by e-mail with different travel agencies in the region. It is important to know that my wife and myself have not traveled in group; we like to adapt our vacation journeys on our own feelings and canters of interest. We received only a few answers on our requests for information. It seems that the majority of the travel agencies are not interested in travelers who do not want to travel in group. From the beginning, we had very good contacts, by e-mail, with the GUILIN CITS. Our contact person at GUILIN CITS took our remarks in consideration and did also very good proposals when our requests were not realistic. Our trip in the three Southern provinces was a very exciting experience. Nearly all the local guides were very good and some of them really excellent. As we trailed already before in different other countries of South East Asia, we were very surprised by the quality of the lodging, even in small ...more

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  • Client's information: Josiane and Jean Pierre , Belgium

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