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Testimonials from Australia

Dear Grace,
We all had an absolutely wonderful time with Doris at Yellow Mountain.Please thank her again on our behalf.I will send to you a two pictures taken during our trip in another email. After our time with Doris we flew to Beijing and then joined another tour organised by an Australian company.This tour was also good although both Steve and I commented on how wonderful it was to experience a tour which was totally Chinese as we did with your company. Our Australian tour was with 4 Australian families and hence, much more western. Whilst our tour guide for this second trip was Chinese she did not know nearly as much about the Chinese culture, language and history as Doris did. Our two sons, Nicholas and Peter, along with myself, really enjoyed learning Mandarin from Doris - she taught us to count to 5 which was a considerabel achievement given we had no idea how to use our toungue to make the sounds. Finally - I am sorry we both were not fully well. I had collected an upset stomach the first ...more

Hi Leon,
I just wanted to give you some extra feedback about the tours. They were all really well organised and we were very happy with the standard of vehicles, guides and drives. Two of the guides, in particular, were exceptional. Vivaldi (in Shanghai) was extremely knowledgeable, had excellent English skills, was very friendly and had so much energy and pride about each of the sights that it made the whole experience very enjoyable. He is a wonderful ambassador for Shanghai. ViVien (in Beijing) was also excellent. She was very considerate and gracious, spoke an excellent level of English, was very organised and made sure that every aspect of the tours ran smoothly. It was a very busy time with Golden week, but she managed to help us avoid the crowds and made us feel safe at all times. My family will all fondly remember our time in China thanks to these guides. Thanks very much for organising it all.
Kind regards, Patricia

Dear Leon
We have returned from the 7 Day Miao Minority Villages tour. It was a fantastic experience and we got to appreciate the life and culture of the Miao peoples. The tour guide, Liang Feng (Michael) was fantastic. His English was very good and we never had any difficulties speaking to him. He was a fantastic host. Our driver, Mr Yung was also a fantastic host and was an extremely good driver - we always felt entirely safe with his driving in all conditions we experienced. The places, sites and people that Liang Feng took us to were always great. We never experienced any difficulties. Even though Mr Yung's english was not as good as Michaels, he always communicated with us and was always happy to do anything we asked. I repeat that the two were fantastic hosts, and the tour was a fantastic experience. I would recommend the tour highly to anyone. Thank you for your efforts in arranging this tour for us.
Ross Fitzpatrick

Hi Leon,
We enjoyed our short trip with China Travel Agency very much. The Huang Shan was truly awe inspiring, seeing it both with clouds wreathed around the rocky pinnacles and on a clear morning. The gardens in Suzhou were also magical, both sights you can see nowhere else. Both our tour guides were excellent, being very helpful with all our requirements. Both guides made sure we got on the trains all right, even though departure times were late in the evening. The visits to the silk factory and the ink factory in Huang Shan City were very interesting side trips. The hotels were fine. Perhaps one drawback was that Western food was not available at some due to being out of the season. It can be difficult for Western visitors to eat Chinese style food all the time. We will certainly recommend your company to other people intending to visit China. On the trip we took to Huang Shan, it was very important that we didn't take heavy bags up the mountain, when there was a reasonable walk with many steps ...more

Hi Grace

Just wanted to say thanks! I had a great trip with Ally and our driver. They were both brilliant! I gave them both a good tip after 5 days work but I am not sure that you mentioned anywhere in the travel materials that travellers should tip in China.

This was my first experience with an internet-based travel agency and I was very impressed with your efforts because:

I gave you such short notice – only 3 working days notice;
I got your fax at my hotel in Shijiazhuang when I had no internet access so communication about all my travel bookings the day before my trip was very reliable; and
the itinerary was just what I wanted to do and see, very flexible and very useful for my landscape design work.

So thank you again and I would be very happy to travel with your company again in the future. Well done.


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