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Testimonials 1998

Dear Aileen,

We have completed our trip to Yangtze and back. I want to thank you for your arrangement, everything went very smoothly and the Yellow Crane is an excellent boat with friendly and talented crew, we really enjoy it a lot. Your tour guides were there waiting for us at Wuhan and Chungqin. So, we are very happy with your service and will recommend to our friends.



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  • Client's information: Wayne

Dear Sir:

I would like to thank you for making it possible for our tour group to have Mr.Zhou Ivan Haiyi as the tour director in Guilin this past April.

This is the second time Mr.Zhou Ivan Haiyi led our group and again he was well accepted. In our group ratings, Mr.Zhou was voted the best individual local tour guide. He has a wonderful personality and smile. We always have a lot of laughs and he makes the tour fun for everyone.

I will be leading a group to China again this October and I would appreciate it very much if you could arrange it so Mr.Zhou is our local tour guide. I would also recommend that your company consider Mr. Zhou as the National Tour Guide. He is very deserving and handles people well.

Thank you for making our tours so enjoyable.


Neil R. Castren

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  • Client's information: Neil R. Castren

Hello, Victor We finally finished the trip to Guilin and back to Panyu safe and sound (although the return flight delayed to mid-night). My boyfriend and his parents want me to say a big thanks to you. We really appreciate what you and your colleagues did for us during the whole trip. Guilin has changed a lot compared with what I saw in 1989, the city is modern, clean and also beautiful in the evening. We took a lot of pictures, last night my boyfriend show all the pictures through a LCD projector for us, his 87 year-old mother was so excited and decided to make a presentation to her English course after back to Hamburg, now I need to add some indications for the picture so that she can remember for all the places!! I didn't meet my friend Sophia Ouyang, she intended to invited us for dinner but we could not make it, because the old couple was so tired in the daytime and prefer to stay quietly in the evening, and since the main purpose for this trip is to make them happy. My friend and I decided to arrange ...more

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  • Client's information: Alice, United States

Dear Mr. Jing Ji Bing,

I Just want to thank you for all the very smooth arrangements your office made for our group. The coach was excellent, very comfortable. The driver was very good.

Jim Ovr guide was excellent too. He worked very hard to make the group happy and content.

A special mention should be made of his help when one of my group got ill yesterday morning. He was quite right to be cross that the hotel could not provide a member who spoke english to go to the hospital. I am just so grateful your office could help out with a guide so quickly.

The sick passenger wishes to send a special thank you for sending your guide who was most helpful.

yours sincerely,

Ann Harper

PS: My first visit to Guilin.

It is a beautiful place. I hope I can return again soon!

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  • Client's information: Ann Harper

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