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Dear Rachel,

Thank you so much for making the cruise arrangements. All is good. We do not know who else made the other booking. Do we need to cancel the other booking?

We have not been able to figure out who made it. Please let me know.

We will wire the money as anticipated. Also, we may need other arrangements for flights and such and will let you know as we are planning. We have been quite happy with your assistance and wish to continue to do business with your firm.

Thanks for your kind help.


Jerry L. West

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  • Client's information: Jerry L. West & TravelBridge Tour, United States

Dear Christine, Victor and Paul,

Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to China. It was great that we were able to plan and coordinate our trip with you through the internet. Your help in customizing our tour was great, and we certainly could not have done it without your assistance. Your responsiveness made our trip planning a pleasure! When we finally arrived in Guilin, it was great to finally meet you all in person for I felt we had developed a friendship.

My parents and I have been talking about how great our trip was and when we will return to China. Now all of my relatives want to go to China as well. I would certainly recommend you to all of our friends and relatives!

Thanks again for helping create fantastic memories!

Sincerely yours,

Karen Chin, Ginie Chin, John Wong, Murray Hill, NJ"

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  • Client's information: Ginie Chin, United States

Dear Rachel:

I have been back in the USA for one week, and have shown my Guilin and Yangshou and Longshen pictures to everybody I know. My China trip was delightful. I saw little villages and places not all get to see. And many, many thanks to you and CITS for putting together such a delightful week for me! You worked hard and diligently to get me such a nice trip after the Yangtze trip was cancelled. I don't know how to thank you all except to say you did a wonderful job and I shall recommend you to all my friends and relatives. Again, thanks so much for your efforts on my behalf. Say hello to Mr. Yuan, and tell him to e-mail me the information about the school in Guilin where I can come and teach English. Thank you again.

Larry Manzo

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  • Client's information: Larry Manzo, United States

Hello Paul,

How are you? I hope you are having good time in your wonderful country of China. I was so glad receiving an E-Mail from you.

I had a great time in china, and I can still see it in my video, and those beautiful places that you took us. I'd like to thank you for your kindness and knowledge followed by good personality. I think all of our group had great time with you.

Shanghai was very pretty, and we also had a good guide there. I am here still in process of getting back to my normal life from china.

Please be in touch with me and let me know if you find any company that can make those clothing for me.

Best regards

From your remote friend in US.

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  • Client's information: Kamy Itzhakov, United States


Thank you for your e-mail, it was beautiful. And thank you for the birthday call you sent. It was very kind. It was hard to say good-bye, the trip was a very magical journey, in which the world seemed so tiny and so vast, so familiar and so mysterious. You were absolutely not an idiot tour guide! It is certainly challenging how to share your homeland with six guests from across the world in only ten days! You did a really wonderful job, and the whole group felt lucky to have you as our guide.

I too can not wait to develop and create images from the trip. Japan has been great, too-- my travels have left me very inspired, and becoming a little tired, and looking forward to a return home, to my father and mother and brother, whom I miss deeply. I will tell you more when I return home…

Hope this letter finds you well,


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  • Client's information: Susan, United States

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