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Testimonials 2001

Dear Christine, Victor and Paul,

Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to China. It was great that we were able to plan and coordinate our trip with you through the internet. Your help in customizing our tour was great, and we certainly could not have done it without your assistance. Your responsiveness made our trip planning a pleasure! When we finally arrived in Guilin, it was great to finally meet you all in person for I felt we had developed a friendship.

My parents and I have been talking about how great our trip was and when we will return to China. Now all of my relatives want to go to China as well. I would certainly recommend you to all of our friends and relatives!

Thanks again for helping create fantastic memories!

Sincerely yours,

Karen Chin
Ginie Chin
John Wong
Murray Hill, NJ

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  • Client's information: Ginie Chin

Thank you so much for your card! We wish you all the best and we hope to come back to China because it has been the best trip and experience we have had so far! Thanks again and all the best!


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  • Client's information: Francesca Inkik, Italy

Dear Angela and Chinatours Team,

In our region it is custom to send Christmas and New Year Greetings at this time of year. Well here they are for you. We (Michael, Kirsten and Monika) wish you all the best for the New Year and thank you for the wonderful service you offered us this year during our tour through China in October/November 2001. We enjoyed the trip very much and are always very enthusiatic when showing the slides to our friends, relatives and colleagues. I always tell them the story on how we got to sailing the "East King" - very popular with western tourists and Bill Clinton. Thank you very much.

Greet all your guides (Susie in Guilin) from us.

Michael Sinkins

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  • Client's information: Michael Sinkins

Mr. Victor Shu; Mr. Paul Yin; Ms. Nancy Xiong; Ms. Angela Gong

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I wish I could spend another month in your great country but age has a way of creeping up on one. I keep plugging for you and tell all my friends to go to China for a great experience. My daughter Carol did spend a month last summer again in your country and a week in Tibet and she was impressed even more. Keep up the good relations.

Bob Paffrath

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  • Client's information: Bob Paffrath

Hello Nancy:

I am very sorry that I did not get to meet you. We are back in the USA. We spent too much time shopping, and did not have any time to visit your office.

Thanks again for all of your help. I will tell all my friends about your wonderful service.

Best regards,

Paul White

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  • Client's information: Paul White , United States

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