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Testimonials 2002

Dear Sir,
I wish to compliment CITS for selecting Zhang Gao Yong as the lead guide for our tour of China. Zhang was always attentive to our needs. When several of our went to church on Sunday Zhang arranged our taxis and came with us. Whenever someone in our group needed extra assistance Zhang was there. You are lucky to have Zhang working for you. Thank you for having Zhang work for us.

Mary Wehmann

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  • Client's information: Mary Wehmann

Dear Zhang Gao Yong,
In Forbidden City in Manchu costumeHaving you with the "China Dolls"(Joyce Qsltund) group from Minnesota USA truly added greatly to the spectacular enjoyment of our visit to China. CITS obviously, through Angela, was very thoughtful helping Joyce prepare an itinerary and make advance reservation in lovely, comfortable hotels.

But your presence with us was invaluable. You are a very trustful, caring gentleman and your boundless knowledge of and love for China was a highlight each day, you constantly fueled our enthusiasm and joy having in this spectacular country. You have made 16 long lasting friendships and an invitation to you and your family from all. Many, many thanks for all your hard work and thoughtfulness.


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  • Client's information: Brahms, United States

Dear Zhang,
My dream has always been to visit China! You have made all my dreams come true! I hope you have many more adventures with other groups because you made our trip such a memorable one! I told Kristina that why all of the places I have been in Europe and the near east I have never experienced a group leader like yourself! You are a very important person for CITS and I hope they realize what a pearl they have in you!

No one will ever mention China to me that I don’t think of you and your wonderful smile and delightful ways! The best of luck to you
Jacqui Gardner

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  • Client's information: Jacqui Gardner, United States

Zhang—you have made our trip so enjoyable-you are so helpful, you know so much abut your wonderful country and you added so much to our pleasure and information.

Thank you so much for all your kindness and you have made us all happy to be in China with you. Zhang has been an excellent guide, friendly, knowledgeable and kind and very efficient. I had a great time with him. He made the trip so enjoyable and told us so many valuable things about China.

Betty brgart

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  • Client's information: Betty brgart, United States

Dear CITS Guilin,

Thank you so much for the service and hospitality you have all shown me during and before my trip to Guilin. I am happy with service I received from the staff and people associated with CITS.

The Internet and booking service is the best I have found and I did my research. Your company’s website allowed me to get all the information I needed and quickly and easily directed to one-on-one service as soon as I asked for it. I commenced you or their, that is not easily accomplished.

Furthermore, and much more comparably, the staffs I was in contact with were all amazingly nice, respectable and efficient in their work… Thank you!

Most notably would be Mr. Deng Richard, Miss Song at first took care of all the organizing and planning as a program coordinator myself, I am aware of how difficult that job can be at times. She did an excellent job as Mr. Deng has done.

The service provided by the driver of the car was used for my transport, was an ...more

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  • Client's information: Kacey Wardle

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