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Testimonials 2003

Dear Angela,

I had a wonderful time in China and would like to thank China Travel Agency Travel and especially you for providing such an excellent service. I managed to indeed see the highlights in the four days I had available, and would love to return at some stage in the not-too-distant future when I am not so pressed for time. The itinerary you arranged was exactly what I wanted and everything went like clockwork. There were no problems at all. I realise now how wise it was to have you arrange everything before I arrived, as the language barrier is a huge problem. Before I discovered your web site, I was hoping to arrange all tours once I arrived in Beijing, but realise now that to do so would have been quite difficult with the limited amount of free time I had available in the four days of my business trip as well as the difficulties posed by my not speaking Chinese.

I must compliment you on your tour guides, especially Aaron in Xian and Leo in Beijing, who were both so knowledgeable and ...more

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  • Client's information: Vicki

Ms. Angela Gong, Thank you for the Merry Christmas wish.I did not fill out the evaluation form from the trip but I wanted to make a few comments about your service.

First of all, your service was excellent. I have recommended you to anyone who is thinking of coming to China. My guide in Wuhan, Mike, and his driver were very nice to me. I felt very safe with them. The Holiday Inn in Wuhan was a very good hotel.The River Trip was very nice. I had good accommodations. Recommendations for you. For anone who does speak Chinese, it would be very nice. Overall, I had a wonderful trip to China and highly recommend it to my friends.

Best of luck to you and thank you for all you did to make me feel welcome in your country.

Teresa Wolff from USA

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Dear Kitty,

Forgive me please for not writing earlier but when I came home last week I had much to do having been gone three weeks. I am back home safely as are Rosalie and Susan. We all had a magnificent time. Your arrangements were perfect. Rosalie and Susan were well taken care of in Xi'an and Beijing.

I had a very good visit to Jack's village. His parents and grandparents were very kind and generous. I helped harvest rice, picked cotton, swam in the river, slept very well, except for the roosters crowing.

Tuesday night your president Jiang Zemin will be in Chicago and I will be at the official banquet for him.

I will send you some of the pictures we took at lunch which came out well.

It was wonderful meeting you. I will recommend everyone to you. I will be in Hong Kong on November 21-23 and 25-27 ( in between I will be in Hanoi with my wife) as also in Hong Kong.

Hope to see you soon, and thanks again for everything.


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  • Client's information: Phil

The following is a letter in English that we received from our German guests Harry and Inge Rost. We publish their letter as we received it and suggest that you also click on their website to enjoy their travel stories and the many beautiful pictures.


Hello Traveller,

Here some information if you will make your first China trip.

It is a good beginning in Kunming because there is a easy start.

1.) In kunming Camellia Hotel all peoples speak English. All are very nice and helpful. If you want make something she write all place in Chinese letters for you and you can find the way with this paper. Later if you know the kind of China, all will be more easier. First time is important.

2.) In the Hotel is Consulate of Laos and Birma and 200m from there is Thai Consulate.

3.) By the entree is Lao Aviation and Yunnan Air Office what also sale the Tickets for Thai Air. Air Tickets

for Domestic are inside China ...more

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  • Client's information: Harry, Germany

Hi Angela,

Good to hear from you.

What can I say, its been a great trip. I am still reliving the experience as I am in Singapore. Could not have asked for a better trip considering that I am doing it for the first time.

The tourguide, Mr. Yue was excellent and a veteran in his area. He knows what he was doing. In spite of of being a veteran, he still maintained the same kind of enthusiasm that a new tour guide would have. As we know, one might get bored after doing the same job for a long period of time but that was not so with Mr. Yue; he infused humor and interest into his talks and made it an enjoyable trip.

In terms of the planning for the trip, I was very pleased with the professionalism, efficiency and good naturedness with which you interacted with me. I was happy with the quick responses to my inquiries and also your many suggestions for my trip. I was also extremely pleased with the flexibilities we had in rearranging some visits to suite our ...more

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  • Client's information: Tom

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