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Testimonials 2004

Dear Angela,
There is an attachment with this note for the payment of US$2009, for payment in full for two people, including the one night in Shanghai on 21-April, 2004. I bet this is the longest it ever took for any of the travel advisors in your office to get the client to send the payment! Your patience, Angela, has been admirable. All of your department should stand and clap for you in respect for a job well done. I will miss your notes.

We are looking forward to meeting you on May 12.


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  • Client's information: Patricia

Dear Angela,
Hello. This is a brief note from Michael Frenchman and Karen Crowe, the Americans who met you in Guilin in October. We were traveling with Karen's mother, Marg, who injured herself in Xi'an. I'm sure you remember very well.

First, I want to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and how much you and your company added to our experience in China.

Next, you will be happy to know that Marg is back in Kansas and has been doing fine since we arrived in Bangkok in late October. Her injury certainly added excitement to our trip. Your guides and drivers and staff were very helpful in easing the burden. Thanks!

I wanted to let you know that we are trying to contact the museum in Xi'an regarding the horse sculpture and getting a price reduction. Thank you very much for speaking to them on our behalf.

We have sent email to almost all of our guides. We would like to contact our guide from Shanghai, Vivian, but we have misplaced her personal contact ...more

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  • Client's information: Michael Frenchman and Karen Crowe

Dear Brian,
The Travel Agent in China is Angela (see e-mail address above). Angela did a very good job for my wife and I.

She could organize (door-to-door) a trip from Shanghai on the Three Gorges or a trip from Shanghai to Xian for your wife.

Please feel free to contact Angela directly.



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  • Client's information: Fred

Thank you for your prompt reply of our confirmation. It was thoughtful of you to give information about making telephone calls within China and out of China.


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  • Client's information: Roger

Dear Ms. Gong ,
I am happy to tell you, however, that I was very pleased with 'Alice," the local CITS tour guide who met us at the airport and took us to the Holiday Inn where we met the Victoria Cruise representatives. Her English very good and she was friendly and welcoming. She was aware of the low river level problem and explained it to us before we reached the hotel. She also stayed with us at the hotel until the problem with our Cruise reservations was resolved, which I found very responsible. I will recommend her to my professional colleagues in China who need a local tour guide in Chongqing.

Chris Davis

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  • Client's information: Chris Davis

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