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Testimonials 2008

Dear Michael,
Thought I would write and tell you how fabulous our trip to Beijing was. Firstly let me say that all dealings with China Travel Agency have been beyond reproach and in all ways exactly as represented and delivered. From first to last every aspect of our trip was wonderful and totally enjoyable. The transfer from the airport to the hotel and back again was without a hitch. Tracy our guide and Mr. Jong our driver were fantastic. Tracy is a knowledgeable guide with great English skills. Mr. Jong our driver knew Beijing like the “palm of his hand”. Our hotel, the Sunworld is a world class contempory property located in the heart of Beijing’s happening districts. The hotel personnel were kind and friendly as well as having enough English skills to make us comfortable. Our room was large by any standard and very comfortable. All of the venues we arranged to visit were as presented and beyond our expectations. Pat and I were so impressed with Beijing and the ...more

Dear Eva,
There were so many memorable attractions but the most memorable for me, Deborah, was the city of Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa was one of those places that clings to my memory as a authentic people in a very unique situation. The pictures of the people of Tibet and how they dress and the customs were exactly how they look and live daily 24/7 as we have seen throughout our studies of your country and it's people.All of the tour guides that you had lined up for us, with the exception of the guide that picked us up from the ship, Victoria, to take us to the train, were very good. That guide, that we never knew his name as we were with him for just a couple of hours at most, didn't speak hardly any English, but he did take us to a supermarket to buy snacks for the train which we greatly appreciated! Our guide in Lhasa, Tsewang, was a genuine, caring Tibetan who cared so much about our every need. Fred arrived sick in Tibet from dissentary and was in bed most of 2 days. Tsewang was very very concerned ...more

Hello Sunny,
I hope you are well, too. We are doing fine; we loved our trip to China.We really liked most of the places we visited. Certainly the Wall is really impressive, and the Forbidden City. We also liked the Lama Temple, which we visited during our free time in Beijing. And of course the Warriors are stunning. Most outstanding tour guide? All were very good. Hotels and meals? All were fine. We liked the Day's Inn Forbidden City the best. New Henderson Hotel had poor service, not customer friendly, especially the food and beverage manager. Exceptionally good food! We felt a bit pressured, but only a bit, to see shows in which we had no interest, especially in Xian. Your company and all its representatives were very, very helpful and kind during Jan's illness and hospitalization. Thanks to all of you; you really made a huge difference.
Thank you very much for all your help, Sunny! Beverly Diane Kirk

Good morning Eva,
We returned to the cold UK on Sunday morning and we would like to thank you for organising our holiday so well. We have had a wonderful time, especially in Lijiang where the sights are amazing. We were really impressed with the people who transported us from the airports to the hotels. They were well informed and helpful and were so welcoming. Thank you once again for all your help.
Eunice & Brian Holmes

Dear Sunny,
We very much enjoyed the tour you put together for us. Sorry you weren't able to do the same for our friends from America. They tried to contact you t go ahead with the tour you arrange but the emails kept bouncing back. In any case they had major problems as a result of the hurricane which hit Houston. We did meet up for one day aided by your superb guide in Guilin.  Hard to say as we enjoyed everything but if pushed the river cruise from Guilin was probably the most memorable. Foster (Liu) in Guilin was the best because he was so happy and clearly loved his job. He was also very flexible and extremely helpful. That being said all your guides were very good in different ways. The hotel in Kunming was a bit substandard compared to the rest with a poor breakfast and rather dirty carpets in the dining room. The staff were lovely and the location was good so it was probably a trade-off between convenience and affordable quality. The meals, especially the lunches arranged by the guides ...more

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