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A China Holiday has several "must see components" such as The Great Wall and The Terra cotta Warriors and every tour operator offers the same old standard tour to these famous sights. China Travel Agency goes the extra mile to help you "discover China your way" by ensuring that we take you to the best of the best.

Our goal is to provide more choices and experiences and to help maximize your China experience

Great Wall at Mutianyu

CHT have selected the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall for it is less crowded and owns some unique characteristics among all the sections. Wonderful surrounded landscape, rarely seen structure formed by three connected watch towers, comfortable and safe cable car and exciting tobogan make it outstanding from the others.

Hutong Tours in Rickshaw


With Chinese words that you have learned from CHT's guide, today's Hutong tour with rickshaw might be more interesting as you zigzag through the most typical architectures this region owns, and talk to the local family members.

Terracotta Warriors

Words from CHT former customers: The trip to Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses was among our top experience in China. More impressive than imagined.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

CHT includes a visit to the Oriental TV Tower, as do most travel agencies. However CHT have purposely included the very top floor of the tower, because we want our clients to enjoy VIP treatment. A small extra cost buys our clients an unforgettable memory.


Note: The highlights of this tour are not limited to the ones listed above. Actually there are much more that waiting for you to discovery in your own way!

Your Choices for This Tour

Take it as a PRIVATE tour: You have choice to make this tour be customized as a Private Tour for your own party of 1, 2 or more people that you know. To be in a private tour, you will have freedom to change the travel dates. Inquiry about this tour
Customize this tour and allow others to join your group: You may also want to customize this tour programs and dates to fit your needs, but at the same time to enjoy group tour benefits, China Travel Agency can help you to achieve this by advertising for people from all over the world who may love your tour and fit your schedule to join your China tour. Inquiry about this tour and allow others to join in

Tailor-made toursCustom Tailoring: Design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests, You don't have to compromise, do exactly what you want to do! Let us assist you to tailor-make your own China Experience. Tell us what you need now!


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