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Shore Excursion


Chongqing, located in the southeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers meet, is the largest industrial and commercial city in southwestern China and the economic center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is a metropolis under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government. Called Yu for short, Chongqing was established some 3,000 years ago.


Fengdu, the famous ghost city in ChinaFengdu, with fantastic temples of underworld demons and gods, is constructed on the Mingshan Hill by the river band. It is known as the "Ghost City" and is a place for punishing the devil and awarding the good.


Shibaozhai architecture consists of three parts: the gate, the pagoda and the temple on the top. A nine story red wooden pagoda with upturned eaves 50m high, dates back to the Qing Dynasty. Stairs to the top give a magnificent view over the river


One of the most important and largest ports on the Yangtze. It is widely known for its variety and hustling markets. Fifty percent of the city will be resettled after the Three Gorges Dam Project is completed.

Fengjie(White Emperor City)

The Baidi City lies in the eastern part of Fengjie, four kilometers away. Famous poets such as Libai, Dufu, Liu'yuxi, Luyou, Fan Dacheng have ever been here, so the Baidi City is well known as "the Poet City". There are two famous legends, one is "the seven hundred connected barracks were burned", and the other is "the orphan was put in trust in Baidi City", both of which make the Baidi City more famous.

Three Gorges

The Wu GorgeGorges extends 193 kilometers along the Yangtze River and is one of China's finest areas of scenery, cultural history and sources of tourism.

Qutang Gorge The shortest of the Three Gorges (8 kilometers). It is considered the most dramatic by many visitors. The river navigates through the gorge's sheer, steep cliffs where the Meng Liang staircase from the Song Dynasty can be seen.

Wu Gorge 44 kilometers long. The gorge is known for its deep valleys and forest covered mountains.

Xiling Gorge The longest of the three (66 kilometers). The banks are covered with orange orchards. Along this gorge sit many archeological sites, including the Huangling Temple, first built during the Three Kingdoms Period. More information about Three Gorges Dam


Wushan, the Three Small Gorges, referring to the three separate valleys of the Daning River, are respectively, Dragon-Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. You can take a small junk to enjoy these marvelous spectacles of nature.

Lesser Three Gorges

The Wu GorgeLesser Three gorges,made of Longmen Gorge,Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge,is 50 kilometers long.The river is very shallow,and the water is lucid.It is full of steep peaks.Its beauty is even superior to the Three gorges .The mini three gorges of Madu River,5 kilometers long,is situated at the Madu riverside of the branch of Daning River.You may drift around the mini three gorges:Sancheng Gorge, Qinwang Gorge,Changtan Gorge.


Zigui is located at the exit of Xiling Gorge, near which Xiangxi (Fragrant Stream) joins the Yangtze River. There erected a tomb and a memorial pavilion for Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient China. One may take a dragon ship in the Fragrant Stream and see the native town of Wang Zhaojun, a famous beauty in ancient Chinese history.


Jingzhou, a well-preserved ancient city, was also a place for its strategic importance. Many historical relics are unearthed here, among which the bronze articles, silk and lacquered wares are very notable. Amore than 2000-year-old male body in the museum is the most ancient corpse in a good state of preservation in China.


The Wu GorgeWuhan, capital of Hubei Province, is located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Hanshui rivers. The municipality is composed of the three towns of Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou. The city, as the heart land of China is an important transportation hub. Main tourist attractions include East Lake, Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge, Guiyuan Temple, Ancient Lute Terrace and the provincial museum where musical bronze bells of 2,400 years old are displayed.

Maoping Dock

Maoping DockMaoping Dock, the newly opened port after the Three Gorges Project's diversion channel was dammed, locates in the west of the site of Three Gorges Project and Yichang. Because all the cruise ships are prohibited to sail through the TGP dam. They need to port at the Maoping to unload passengers. That was also the reason why Maoping was bulit as a harbor. It takes about one hour to reach Maoping driving from the entrance of the highway in Yichang. Maoping is a new immigration area , also an important tourist site along the Yangtze River, and many people in Maoping came from old Guizhou Town. It is one of the best places to view Three Gorge Reservoirs.

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