Three Gorges Dam


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Three Gorges Dam

The three gorges damThe excursion to the dam is abosutely a must portion of your cruise. Over the last 20 years, China's Three Gorge Project has been the world's focus. The whole world is looking at project and every body is talking about it. A visit to the dam provide you chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

The dam site is around 27 kilometers upstream from the Yichang city, 40 minutes' drive. The dam is 185 meters high and 2305 meters wide, claimed as the biggest dam in the world. Tourists are usually allowed to climb up to the top to experience its majesty but this practice may be banned during major public holidays such as the Chinese New Year, National Holiday etc. The layout in the Information Center will provide an overview of the whole project. On a fine day, standing on the scenery-view platform, a clear bird-eye's view of the whole project can be obtained.


  1. Books on the Yangtze River and the dam are available on sale at stalls at the dam site. If you want to purchase one, you are adviced to ask your guide for help. Negotiation is usually accetable.
  2. Do not miss the Information Center, which has been highly recommended by our former customers.


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