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China Travel Agency take in charity activity Staff and management at are very proud and happy to be able to play a part in improving the lives of disadvantaged children in our local community. has formed a partnership with local NGO Helping Hands Volunteer Association which operates a number of programs to assist orphans in our community. The two main programs are "The House of Love" and a Clubfoot Treatment Program.

"The House of Love" provides care 2 units for orphans with cerebral palsy and for babies who need special care. The facilities provide a home-like environment staffed by committed carers. The children have access to medical care and physical therapy and schooling is provided by a teacher employed by Helping Hands.

The cerebral palsy unit is the only one of its kind in the city so it fulfills a very important role for these children. Most of the babies in the special care unit suffer from congenital heath defects and will receive corrective surgery before going to foster care in local families.

The Clubfoot program started 4 years ago when Helping Hands sponsored training seminars in Guilin that were delivered by doctors from Canada and Germany. These seminars trained local medical professionals in the treatment of Clubfoot using the Ponseti method of treatment. Helping Hands has provided treatment to orphans from all over China and also provides free training for health workers who wish to learn this very successful method of treating the deformity.
Worldwide statistics indicate, 1 in every 1000 babies is born with clubfoot, making it the single largest limb deformity throughout the world. Untreated clubfoot often leads to life of poverty, but early treatment has a very high success rate and provides the chance to lead a normal life.

"The work of Helping Hands is funded through sponsorship of the children and donations" said Ms Connie Yang, spokesperson for Helping Hands.

Ms Yang continued, "We are delighted to have Travel as a major sponsor. Their substantial donation has ensured that Helping Hands can continue to help these children, and deliver the services they need."

Brian Trower, who is the Vice President (Finance) for the Helping Hands Volunteer Association, recently spoke about volunteering and the work of local charities. "The concept of businesses becoming involved in supporting the work of organizations like Helping Hands is quite new in China. We really appreciate the way that Travel has embraced this spirit of generosity and their commitment to those less fortunate in our community. They will be a positive role model for other companies in China, who may also want to contribute to their local community". Mr Trower is an expatriate Australian who has lived and worked in China for the past 6 years.

Support from Travel has, and is making a real difference to the lives of the orphans and the local people who care for them.


is giving CNY 10 Yuan to Helping Hands for every person who travels with us this year!

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