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  1. Chinese-Tools.com.
    Learn chinese online, free mandarin courses, online dictionaries, name translation service and many more.
  2. Learn Chinese.
    Masterchinese provides the people worldwide who wants to learn chinese with professional chinese language and culture training through online interactive teaching.
  3. Bridge School
    A Chinese Language school. Not Bad.
  4. Learn Chinese
    Global Exchange Center offers quality Mandarin Chinese language courses & immersion programs. Our private one-to-one lessons may be tailor-made to fit the objectives of individual students in Beijing, China.
  5. Chinese Language Learning Center
    To provide the highest quality study in China programs to enable our students to learn how to speak Chinese faster than any other available Chinese language learning program.
  6. Chinese Name Symbols
    Your name in Chinese symbols!
  7. Public Chinese
    It is a website with many useful resources for foreigners to learn Chinese. We have on-line courses, POD, one-on-one program, etc. !
  8. Chinese video & Audio Course, Chinese Sign& Slang.
    MandarinTube provide students a much more dynamic learning experience, giving viewers an insight into the real lives of ordinary people in China, how they live, work and entertain themselves.
  9. China Orbit
    This web portal offers China newcomers and experts alike the opportunity to become informed and exchange information about China, Chinese language, politics, culture, history, as well as current events and developments in and about China.
  10. English Chinese Translation-Sytra Translation
    Turnkey English Chinese Translation, and Copywriting, interpreting service
  11. Chinese translation
    Top-quality, Chinese translations that you can rely on from Nihongo Bashi, a Singapore based translation services provider specializing in Asian language translation services.






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