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CA:Air ChinaAir China

Air China air busAccording to "Civil Aviation System Reform Program" issued by CAAC, China National Aviation Holding Company came into being on October 11, 2002. The airline corporation takes old Air China as the principal part, and combines China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines.

The name and logo of old Air China will be retained by the new group. The old China Southwest Airlines is renamed as Air China Southwest Company, and the old China Zhejiang Airlines is renamed as Air China Zhejiang Company. The new Air China is still the only airlines that fly China's national flag on every aircraft and provide special planes for state leaders. Search Live China Flights Schedule

The new Air China's guidelines in 2003 and a long period in future are: take the spirits of the 16th Party Congress as the guidelines; take the safety and security as the foundation; take the market as the guide; complement the developing strategy; march with the times; blaze new trails actively; strive to become stronger internally and set a good visage externally; create a new situation of sustained development in Opening. It is a state-owned air transport enterprise, and will be gradually transformed into "diversified share-holding" limited company or joint-stock company. The new Air China will achieve the following goals step by step: by 2005, it will become a company with top-quality air route network and advanced aviation products and be approved by most of the passengers; by 2010, it can compare with famous global airlines. The new Air China is striving to achieve the goal to becoming a highly competitive aviation enterprise with efficient safety and security, innovative service, professional management and solid finance.

Beautiful waitress at Air ChinaThe new Air China has total assets of RMB 51.74 billion, 23000 employees and handling capacity of 5.17 billion tons. The fleet includes 42 large aircraft: Boeing 747s, 767s, 777s and Airbus 340. The new airline carried 18.174 million passengers and anticipated business volume of RMB 23.19 billion in 2002. It has 322 air routes (including 56 domestic routes and 266 overseas routes) and more than 2,472 scheduled flights weekly. It has branch companies in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. It also has business offices in more than 29 domestic cities and representative offices in 48 overseas cities. The new Air China has an unapproachable strength in civil aviation of China. Search Live China Flights Schedule

Since the new Air China's work of aviation transport integration goes into operation in 2002, Air China has brought forth a new set of aircraft identification and uniform before January 2003. It is busy promoting the unification of operation, legal person, information system, service, aircraft line maintenance management, establishment of enterprise culture and "pledged respectively supply for transportation agreement" management. Basing on the advantages of every aspect, customers will have a pleasurable experience.

The new Air China will promote the foundation of airline network. Based on Beijing, rely on Yangtze Delta, Zhujiang Delta and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, connecting hub and regional aviation, supporting overseas lines, the global aviation transport networking is coming into being. Meanwhile, it signed cold share agreement, SPA and exclusive seat sale agreement with Deutsche Lufthansa and other more than 60 foreign airlines. One hand, it bases on code share with Shanghai Airlines and other domestic airlines, on the other hand, it should strengthen the cooperation with foreign airlines. On the basis of mutual benefit of airlines and other resources, Air China keeps enhancing the airline quality, and is determine to create the biggest airline network in China.
Air China will keep on the spirit of "safety first and customers highest", concentrate on satisfying the customers and making them feel " relieved, satisfactory, comfortable and moved" and creating a bran-new situation of top ground handling and air service of Air China. Search Live China Flights Schedule



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