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China Hhighlights Team is the online travel service platform operated by the team of professional travel consultants at CITS Guilin. Started in early 1998, it was one of the earliest "China Travel" web sites. The brand name "" has come to mean a reliable company. We have provided thousands of customers their unforgettable "China Experience".

Under the brand of "", we have built 10 other web sites with different themes of their own:

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Our Services

provides a China travel information center, a consulting center, and an online reservation center specializing in providing personalized travel service. We will do our utmost to design tailored tours for singles, couples, families and groups. Our goal is to deliver Usability (web site), Reliability (company), Flexibility (itinerary) and Unbeatable Price.

Our Cars, Buses and Vans

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Our History

China International Travel Service Guilin was established in 1959 and was operated until October 2006 as a State Owned Enterprise owned by the Guilin Tourism Bureau. It was part of the CITS Group nationally.

CITS Guilin was privatized in October 2006 as part of the Central  Government's plan to divest itself of most of its SOE's through out China.  As a profitable and well run company, CITS Guilin was particularly easy to sell.

The division came into existence in 1998 when the company realized that the future of travel lay in the internet. China Hightlights was born and has grown from small beginnings to be the leading online operator and an innovator in the online Chinese  travel industry. has a staff of more that 50 travel professionals, IT and supports staff who service our English, German and Japanese, and French departments.

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Read about the news coverage by Travel Weekly at PATA2002 in Singapore.

2007, was awarded by PayPal Company for the VIP merchant.


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