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Dear Sunny,
We very much enjoyed the tour you put together for us. Sorry you weren't able to do the same for our friends from America. They tried to contact you t go ahead with the tour you arrange but the emails kept bouncing back. In any case they had major problems as a result of the hurricane which hit Houston. We did meet up for one day aided by your superb guide in Guilin.  Hard to say as we enjoyed everything but if pushed the river cruise from Guilin was probably the most memorable. Foster (Liu) in Guilin was the best because he was so happy and clearly loved his job. He was also very flexible and extremely helpful. That being said all your guides were very good in different ways. The hotel in Kunming was a bit substandard compared to the rest with a poor breakfast and rather dirty carpets in the dining room. The staff were lovely and the location was good so it was probably a trade-off between convenience and affordable quality. The meals, especially the lunches arranged by the guides were fabulous. We greatly enjoyed the variety of local dishes. I would be happy to recommend your company to friends and colleagues if they were traveling to China. We greatly enjoyed seeing the dancing shows in Yangshuo, Lijiang and Kunming.
David Sherlock

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